Why I use this forum...

  interzone55 09:27 31 Oct 2011

Let me tell you why this forum is so great.

My partner uses a forum for a band which is unmoderated, the band believe in freedom of speech and feel that their target audience are mature enough to behave responsibly.

How wrong they are, as my partner has been the subject of a barrage of abuse and potentially libellous comments claiming she's fraudulently claiming disability benefit and a motobility car. And this is off someone she allowed to share her house FOC whilst he was homeless after his wife threw him out. She said he could stay a fortnight, but he stayed for 5 months before disappearing into the night leaving no forwarding address to send the bailiffs letters for tens of thousands in unpaid credit card bills.

We emailed the site webmaster and got no response, so my partner contacted the band via Facebook and she got a response back with a comment about freedom of speech etc.

So we politely responded that freedom of speech is a privilege not a right in this country, and free speech does not allow you to post lies and threats in a public forum.

That worked, after a fashion, as the posters have all removed their posts but replaced them with very sweary and grumpy complaints about my partner threatening to sue the band - again this is a lie as we only threatened to get a solicitor to issue a take down notice.

I'll not post a link to the forum, or mention the name of the band, but FE has seen the forum after the removal and doesn't approve...

  Quickbeam 09:33 31 Oct 2011

So why does she still use it?

  badgery 09:46 31 Oct 2011

..and surely she didn't use her real name and details?

  interzone55 09:53 31 Oct 2011

Firstly, she's not used it for months, but we saw a special gig last week so she went to the forum to see other fan's reactions.

Secondly, she uses a pseudonym, but most people on the forum know each other personally, so nicknames are largely irrelevant.

Thirdly, she was mentioned by name in one of the most offensive posts.

  Aitchbee 09:56 31 Oct 2011

I know it sounds trite, but familiarity can breed contempt.

  woodchip 11:49 31 Oct 2011

That's why Personnel details should not be used on the web, She should change any nicknames she uses and passwords also any e-mails that's been created for a site and the way she posts comments, So others will not know who they are dealing with. even us a name that will lead them to think its a man not a woman.

  Joseph Kerr 12:20 31 Oct 2011

None of which tells me why this forum is so great. There have been thinly veiled allegations of many kinds here before, and and pretty nasty things are said, which seems to be fine as long as they're not "sweary" things.

Still, I'd love to know who this band is.

  interzone55 12:27 31 Oct 2011

Joseph Kerr

My point is that there is no out-right bullying on here, and posts are removed without the need to resort to legal take-down notices.

If you want to know who the band are they're playing the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester tonight, I'm not giving the name of the website though...

  Bingalau 12:50 31 Oct 2011

If these blood red patches keep appearing on this forum I shall be giving up following the threads. Then there is also that advert that can only deter people from using whatever it is advertising. How long is this going to go on for?

  Joseph Kerr 13:28 31 Oct 2011

Wow. Not behaviour I would associate with fans of such a band.

Bingalau, I agree re the ad. I have been avoiding complaining about ads as the site wouldnt be here without them, but i think the line has been crossed.

  john bunyan 13:35 31 Oct 2011

Bingalau. Try installing Spywareblaster. I don't see the offending ad.


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