why i said bring back made in britain.

  grumpy old man 17:31 15 Jul 2019

During a recent posting about Brexit I said I think we need to get back to the phrase "made in Britain". I went on to say the reasons why I think we need to do this and have just got another one.

I ordered some lock pick from amazon as I needed some for my job. My local tool seller used to stock them but police discreetly asked them to withdraw them from sale as they could be bought by people who could be up to no good.

I got an email from the amazon seller to say delivery would be 5 weeks as they are coming by airmail from china. I don't think they would take that long to arrive if they were on a "slow boat" from china and hidden in the bowels of a huge container ship. By the time they arrive they will be of no use to me as I am due to retire on Friday.

BTW can anyone beat this , my wife got a porridge bowl that had a sticker on it made in new zeland.

  Quickbeam 18:50 15 Jul 2019

That's a bit of a disjointed rambling...

  Gordon Freeman 20:13 15 Jul 2019

Sorry but I don't fully understand this rambling & its connection to 'made in Britain'.

Are you saying you can't buy lock picks in Britain?

As for the porridge bowl, totally nonplussed I'm afraid.

  Gordon Freeman 20:30 15 Jul 2019

Was it the porridge bowl which was made in new zeland (sic), or the sticker?

  grumpy old man 21:20 15 Jul 2019

hi Gordon maybe I did not explain myself properly.

a simple things like a set of lock picks in a packet the size of a credit card has to come all the way from china , we should be to do something like that in this country.

with regards to the porridge bowl all the way from New Zeland the same argument applies , its in a well known kitchen shop surely there is somebody in this country that could have made it.

have a look in your own home , how many things do you have NOT made in Britain.

  geoff96 21:31 15 Jul 2019

surely there is somebody in this country that could have made it.

There's an opening for you. I'll make sure that next time I require a porridge bowl I shall buy one of yours. As long as you have it marked " Made in England"

  Forum Editor 23:01 15 Jul 2019

"...we should be to do something like that in this country."

But we're not, which is why they are imported from China. It's cheaper to do it that way. One of my daughters used to work in the logistics business - it's a fascinating world, and it's full of stories like this. Willow grown in England is exported to China to be made into cricket bats and sent back to England for sale around the world - it's cheaper to do it that way than make the bats here.

British workers demand far higher wages than Chinese workers, and shipping costs are incredibly low.

  Menzie 00:56 16 Jul 2019

Many people say they'll buy local until they see the price tag.

  Pine Man 10:27 16 Jul 2019

have a look in your own home , how many things do you have NOT made in Britain.

Most of them. Mainly because they are cheaper but mostly because they are of a superior quality like my car, living & bedroom furniture, TV & Audio, PC, Mac, iPhone...the list goes on.

If what I want is available at the correct price and quality and made in the UK, then I'll buy it, like my central heating boiler.

  Menzie 12:41 16 Jul 2019

  wee eddie 12:55 16 Jul 2019

Good point Menzie. We had an Allegro

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