Why I don't give money to charity...

  Seth Haniel 12:26 10 Oct 2008

UK charities fear they have lost up to £120 million of funds invested in failed Icelandic banks.

But like the councils if they had spent it on what it is being collected for they would't be in this predicament.

Ok I give clothing, goods etc to charity shops, PDSA ,Hospice, Etc. But draw the line at Money.

  Forum Editor 12:30 10 Oct 2008

invest funds in the short term, it's a perfectly normal and sensible practice. It has nothing to do with not spending money on what it is being collected for, and everything to do with sensible fund management.

  Cymro. 12:47 10 Oct 2008

Some of our largest charities have become just too big. A very close member of my family works for a national charity and the amount of wastage in such things as administration is quite incredible.

Some charities are all out to create their own empires with branch offices all over the place and a payroll that would surprise the people who give so much to what they think is a good cause.

So I do give to charity but never to one who has become bigger than the cause it is trying to help. I stick to small local charities that I know about.

I think that all charities should say clearly in their adverts and publicity material how much of the money they collect goes on admin. and how much to the actual good cause.

  24/7 13:18 10 Oct 2008

Its now more clear just where all the hidden money was "Hidden", this issue has opened a HUGE big embarressment door for the goverment & local Council's,what gets me is where the profit's was going when this money matured or made any kinda profit..? transparency is the key...

  Cymro. 13:28 10 Oct 2008

"what gets me is where the profit's was going when this money matured or made any kinda profit..?"

So what exactly are you suggesting then?
Where do you think the money goes? It goes where all such money goes, to provide for vital services to people like you and me, that where the money goes.

  Condom 13:39 10 Oct 2008

Once a charity gets to a certain size they quite often decide to keep the donations they receive in an Investment Account and only pass on the interest to the needy. In that way they always have money to pass on each year and always retain their capital. Now whether you think that is a good idea or not is debatable. To my mind once a charity starts doing this then they start employing people as paid treasurers etc rather than having its expertise given by volunteers freely and the costs start rising to sometimes very high levels. The Charity Commissioners do their best to regulate those charities which spend too much on administration but like all regulators they are not perfect. Giving clothes instead of money really makes little difference as these items are sold in charity shops which cost money to run and the cash proceeds follow the same pattern.

  Seth Haniel 13:42 10 Oct 2008

the council is paying more in claims for damage from potholes than it is paying to repair same.
And probaby claims from tripping on broken paving stones etc,. the list goes on

If they got on with the jobs the money is there for.

Also the list of charity money and aid that is hijacked by rebels in the intended countries so making the situation worse - look art Sudan this week alone

  Cymro. 14:06 10 Oct 2008

I would have thought that councils would be insured for that sort of thing??????????

  lofty29 14:12 10 Oct 2008

Many charities have effectively become big business's and so they spend more and more of their income on admin, their reason given is similar to that of other big organisations , that they need to pay top dollar to get the best people, look at the amount spent on advertising, we have in general been put off giving them money because they never stop, always we are getting fresh appeals, raffle tickets through the post, how much is that wasted, I could be wrong but one of the best charities in my opinion is the sally ann, you do not hear of big advertising campaigns or high flown salaries, but they do a hell of a lot of good quietly.

  Seth Haniel 14:17 10 Oct 2008

click here-$1221612.htm

here is the story

  Cymro. 14:18 10 Oct 2008

Yes indeed loffty29
them and some of the very small local charities around my way. I know personally most of the people concerned and where almost every penny goes.

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