Why Have The BBC Etc. Gone Quiet?

  Bing.alau 22:35 29 Oct 2012

This was headline news on the TV but seems to have been dropped. Has someone dropped a Goolie?


jb It seems to be everywhere in my area so I'm afraid there is no way I can't comment. I feel as if I am leaving this to others to shout out against.

  kad60 22:46 29 Oct 2012

Is it not the case that soldiers are subject to the rule of law and if wrongdoing is discovered then they should face the consequences.

"engagement with an insurgent" no other detail, terrorist or civilian we do not know.

  Forum Editor 22:49 29 Oct 2012

If ever there was a time to let the head rule the heart, this is it. Everyone is subject to the rule of law, and in this case it's probably best to let the due process of law take place.

There will be plenty of opportunity for comment later on.

  Woolwell 23:08 29 Oct 2012


We cannot know the facts. Like you I have some disquiet about this. But I don't think that these protests will help. I see that Judge Advocate General Jeff Blackett presided over their hearing. I served in a ship with Jeff Blackett. He is a very fair man.

What I cannot understand is why there was video on a laptop.

  Bing.alau 23:33 29 Oct 2012

Woolwell. That is something which puzzles me too.

We have all been advised to let due process of law take place. But I like many others think something else is going on. The curtain of silence came down too quickly. I am hoping someone has made a boobie. Never did like the Redcaps either.

FE. The "later on" you talk about may be too long for me to wait to comment.

  Forum Editor 08:02 30 Oct 2012

"The "later on" you talk about may be too long for me to wait to comment."

You can certainly comment on general matters of principal, if that helps, but as far as the specifics of this case are concerned I'm afraid you will have to force yourself to be patient until after the hearing in December, when the five men enter their pleas.

The reason for what you call 'The curtain of silence' is that the details of the incident have not been revealed by the MOD.In the absence of facts people speculate and speculation may prejudice the fair conduct of the legal process.

  WhiteTruckMan 08:23 30 Oct 2012

The 'general principle' which seems to be applied time and again is that loyal servants of queen and country consistantly get the dirty end of the stick, while those who revile us and would see us and our way of life destroyed forever are subsidised at our expense to practice their hateful agenda.

THATS what gets to me!


  Forum Editor 09:18 30 Oct 2012


"THATS what gets to me!"

Of course, and it gets to most people, but there's an underlying principle involved here.

We believe in the rule of law, not the rule of summary judgement. It's a fine principle, and it's one of the things that makes me proud of our country. Unfortunately there is often a price to pay for fine principles, one of which is sometimes having to fight with one's inner voice.

Being a loyal servant of Queen and country isn't a talisman against the due process of law, regardless of the circumstances. It's very hard at times, but as a society we need to be able to look ourselves in the face and know that we are behaving as we should towards everyone, friend and foe alike.

  morddwyd 09:58 30 Oct 2012

If anyone believes that a six man patrol finding two wounded prisoners twenty miles behind enemy lines is going to detach blokes to escort them back to base then they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

If anyone believes it is a good idea to film and record any subsequent events they are also living in cloud cuckoo land!

As always, if you get caught you must face the consequences, whether you believe you are doing your duty or not, like the two Paras in Ulster.

There are rules of engagement - if you breach them (and I have, but I didn't get caught) you know the penalty.

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