Why has the site been taken over by Disqus?

  Jon Storm 08:09 20 Jul 2013

I had an account here that worked just fine for many years. Now it appears that it has been rolled up, without my permission, into a Disqus account I occasionally used to use to comment in the Telegraph, before it went behind the paywall. I appear to have no choice in this matter : even if I click the Facebook button, it still insists on using the Telegraph Disqus account. Surely this is a violation of data protection law? If it isn't, it should be.

  Jon Storm 08:34 20 Jul 2013

It's worse than I thought. I now appear to have two accounts at PCA, the old one and the Disqus/Telegraph one, both called Jon Storm but not recognising each other as the same person. Which one I post as at any given moment is probably not random, but it seems like it.

  colyer23 11:03 20 Jul 2013

Ireceive e-mail telling me someone is replying to a post of mine.I try to find this and am tied -up in some sort of problem between "disqus"!! and pc advisor.At length I gave up!!!???

  Joseph Kerr 11:58 20 Jul 2013

I don't see why they have to keep making it harder for people. I have a Disqus account, it seems, after also signing up to leave a comment on a newspaper's site recently, and, whilst I should know my details, I do not. So, rather tjhan just being abole to comment here automatically (as I used to be able to and to which end - the Nexux 7 was never brown. There's another inaccuracy in that article too*, I just need to find it again), while I now have to jump through hoops.

*Actually, it's just a typo.

  Forum Editor 12:12 20 Jul 2013

This isn't my area, but if you stand by, Matt will explain it all.

  Matt Egan 12:18 20 Jul 2013

Jon Storm. There is no violation of your privacy: it is simply that your PC is remembering your Telegraph account and allowing you to use it on this site. Nothing has been rolled up into anything, it's just that you can use your Disqus account to comment and share stories on the PC Advisor website. It's unfortunate that you seem to have set up two accounts, but you will be able to post on articles using either.

For the record, we have been using Disqus as our commenting platform for over two years. It doesn't affect the forum, but it does mean that people can comment on articles without going through a lengthy sign up process. It also means that users of other sites can comment without logging in at PCA at all. But we retain the capacity to moderate and - in extreme cases - ban offensive users.

  Matt Egan 12:20 20 Jul 2013

colver23 I am not sure what is going on here. Can you email me with details of what has happened?

  Matt Egan 12:23 20 Jul 2013

Joseph Kerr: we've been using the Disqus platform for more than two years. Prior to that you could post only using our full PC Advisor login (prior to that anyone could post and we didn't know who they were). You should be able to log in using your PCA account details. If you wish to use a separate Disqus login and can't remember the details you need only your email address to go through the 'forgot password' process.

  Jon Storm 13:35 22 Jul 2013

Thanks for replying, Matt.

I actually have two Disqus accounts, one with the Telegraph which I haven't used in ages, and a separate one with the Guardian which I do use, as well as a longstanding non-disqus account here. If I comment on an article, your site insists that I use the Telegraph one, even if I click the button to use my Facebook login instead, which is bizarre. It won't let me use the PCA account for that at all, or at least I haven't been able to find a way to do it. In the forums, on the other hand, it seems to use my original PCA account - I think. It's all a bit of a mess IMO.

I would have replied sooner, but the server handling this thread has been broken for the last two days.

  Forum Editor 14:29 22 Jul 2013

Jon Storm

"the server handling this thread has been broken for the last two days."

No it hasn't. It stopped accepting posts at around 4:30 pm on Sunday, and was back up again at 10:30 on Monday. I make that less than 24 hours, not two days.

  Jon Storm 16:34 22 Jul 2013

I couldn't get it on Saturday either - I kept getting a page saying server error.

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