Why is everyone out to cheat us

  bumpkin 21:03 18 Nov 2015

This is just one of many instances where they rely on us not reading everything properly. click here 2nd item down being the ultimate in this example.


  wee eddie 21:25 18 Nov 2015

Not much of a cheat is it, so obvious that only the terminally stupid would be taken in.

  bumpkin 21:38 18 Nov 2015

I think they rely on people clicking it without looking at it properly. As you say anyone that had read it properly would not proceed, that was my point.

  bumpkin 21:45 18 Nov 2015

There are very many items on Ebay from USA where the P&P exceeds the cost of the goods so according to you there must be many stupid people or it would be pointless them bothering to list it on the site.

  Flak999 21:48 18 Nov 2015

You do realise that the item is in the US? The postage is calculated from the US to the UK and is coming via UPS international it works out at just under £178 after conversion, still expensive but not necessarily a fraud.

The obvious answer is to buy from a supplier in this country!

  bumpkin 22:23 18 Nov 2015

*still expensive but not necessarily a fraud. *

Maybe not in your opinion but if not is it sensible to advertise a £40 item in the UK with a P&P of £250.

  Flak999 23:26 18 Nov 2015

As I said it's £178 after conversion not £250. They are a business that ships worldwide, presumably they think it is sensible, otherwise they would not do it!

After all no one is forcing you to purchase this item. Looking at the listings there seem to be plenty of other similar items for sale in the UK, with a more reasonable delivery charge.

When purchasing anything, caveat emptor should be your watchword!

  spuds 23:57 18 Nov 2015

If you use eBay every day like I do, then you get use to these sort of things. Even UK sellers sometimes add larger postage rates to cover costs. This type of thing as being going on for ages, and eBay made attempts to prevent this happening without much success.

You will also find on occasions, that sometimes the sellers prices on articles rise suddenly, due to a glitch in the eBay system. But this error is usually found fairly quickly.

  bumpkin 09:57 19 Nov 2015

As I said it's £178 after conversion not £250.

When I read it, it states £254.65.

  Forum Editor 10:19 19 Nov 2015

Sometimes I wonder if we all live in the same universe. Anyone who doesn't check a listing properly before clicking an Ebay 'Buy now' button is a fool.

The listing quite clearly shows a high postage cost, and when you do the conversion at today's rate that equates to £177.66

The cost is for UPS shipment from New Jersey. It's pretty easy to check the accuracy.

  morddwyd 10:23 19 Nov 2015

Not just p&p.

I have, on a number of occasions, seen the auction price go higher than the price of a new item!

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