Why is everyone, apparently, a 'star' these days?

  Clapton is God 12:06 05 Feb 2019

Saw an article in the newspapers today about someone called Liam Neeson who was described as a movie (ridiculous American word) star. I assume that this individual is, in fact, an actor.

Another article a few days ago about someone called Taylor Swift described as a singing star. I assume that this person warbles for a living

I've recently retired after working for 45 years as a finance manager in the City. Presumably that makes me a retired finance star.

  Quickbeam 20:39 05 Feb 2019

Newfoundland I'd say...

  Flat Earther 01:52 06 Feb 2019

I think the dog may be obscuring the word 'awful'

  Forum Editor 14:22 06 Feb 2019

Not everyone is a star these days, but lots of people are and Liam Neeson is one of them.

Movies were first called by that name in the late 1800's/early 1900's. It's an abbreviation of 'Moving pictures'.

Far from being a ridiculous American word, it's technically correct - we go to watch a movie - a film is the medium on which a series of still images are recorded.

"I assume that this individual is, in fact, an actor"

Well spotted - he's a movie star. As you don't seem to have heard of him I assume you haven't seen any of the films he's appeared in, including Schindler's list, Star Wars (Phantom menace), Love Actually, Les Miserables, Gone, and over 100 others (including TV mini series).

  Belatucadrus 13:05 09 Feb 2019

Star is now a much over used term. It used to refer to people with an indefinable something that lifted them above their competitors. The term now seems to apply to any Tom, Dick or Harriet who's blagged a reality TV spot and whose only contribution to the human race appears to be monumental ignorance of almost everything and the blind faith that they despite all the evidence to the contrary are something special. Sad thing is that a chunk of the entertainment industry seems willing to pay them quite handsomely to display their inadequacies.

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