Why is everyone, apparently, a 'star' these days?

  Clapton is God 12:06 05 Feb 2019

Saw an article in the newspapers today about someone called Liam Neeson who was described as a movie (ridiculous American word) star. I assume that this individual is, in fact, an actor.

Another article a few days ago about someone called Taylor Swift described as a singing star. I assume that this person warbles for a living

I've recently retired after working for 45 years as a finance manager in the City. Presumably that makes me a retired finance star.

  Quickbeam 12:29 05 Feb 2019

Says the man that worships a rock star!

  Clapton is God 12:40 05 Feb 2019


I wasn't aware that I worship a rock star.

As I've said several times in these Forums, my forum name is simply a quote from graffiti which appeared on London walls in the sixties. Check your music history.

  Quickbeam 12:58 05 Feb 2019

Yeah.... OK...

  bremner 13:40 05 Feb 2019

The term star has been applied for many many years, The early leads of silent films like Mark Pickford were sos described.

Just used to describe high profile/successful entertainers/sportsmen and woman.

Nothing to get worked up about

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:46 05 Feb 2019
  bremner 14:37 05 Feb 2019

oops - Mark was Mary's much less well known brother

  lotvic 16:09 05 Feb 2019

  Quickbeam 16:16 05 Feb 2019

That woman's a star...

  Clapton is God 16:20 05 Feb 2019

lotvic - Thank you. I rest my case regarding my forum name.

However, I do enjoy Mr Clapton's music as well as that of Mr Hendrix, Mr Beck, Mr Knopfler and Aynsley Lister amongst others.

All of whom are blues guitarists - as opposed to blues stars.

  VWman 17:24 05 Feb 2019

Does anyone else think the big blob under the G for God looks like a large dog releaving itself on the corrugated iron ? Perhaps it's just me. Perhaps the resident dog expert / spotter Quickbeam knows

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