Why dont ppl use Linux?

  Mytob 14:14 15 Dec 2005

Iv been using Linux for about half a year now and had very little problems with it. Why do most ppl seem to rubbish it saying it is not a viable os to use. I am writing this message under Linux at the moment! I also have a linux powered web server which does a ace job! So why do ppl have a problem with it? Is every one afraid of change or what? I mysel am amazed how much can be done under linux and how 99.9% of stuff is free to use! So why the reluctance of ppl to even egnolidge it existance in some cases and if the do rubbish it most of the time?

  DieSse 14:38 15 Dec 2005

Why - because the vast majority of new systems are shipped with Windows on them, and MS indulge in some *aggressive* business tactics to try and ensure this remains so.

I'm almost switched to using it myself - but there are still some programs I am used to, which I will switch back into XP to run. It's not as easy as falling of a log to make the switch. Though it is simpler if one starts from scratch with Linux.

The new $100 childrens *laptop* will, IMHO change things dramatically in the years ahead. a starter run of many millions of laptops all running Linux is bound to have an impact eventually.

  sharkfin 14:40 15 Dec 2005

Becuase 99% of the population is using windows and we just want our software compatible.

99% of modems are winmodems and will only work in windows. We cant live without internet access :D

Linux has a steep and long learning curve.

Windows comes preinstalled with our Systems and its what we are all mostly used to. we dont like change.

And finally it works better than any other OS out there including mac os and linux.

  Skills 14:41 15 Dec 2005

Ive been considering trying linux for a while now what put me off in the first pace was at the time I had a USB modem and even thou there were linux drivers for it I could not make head nor tail of how to install them.

Ive just switched to a router so am considering it again. I have booted to a live linux cd and it did look good. I think some of what puts people off is it seems like linux can be a bit of a learning curve. For me Im comforatble with windows Ive got it setup how i like and i know how to do things in it.
I do like my games as well and they dont run under linux plus I have alot of software in the windows that I like to use.

A quick question for you if I use a live linux cd so I can get used to it and go on the net will my hard drive be at risk from virus infection?

  sattman 14:43 15 Dec 2005

Look back through the earlier posts, I am afaid you are likely to be opening up a big can of worms here Mytob, I expect the thread will as usual be divided into two camps.

  sharkfin 14:43 15 Dec 2005

I tried linux xandros last month and although it was different and easy to install, it was harder to use and i couldnt get any support for it mainly becuase my modem wouldn't work with it.

i'm sure in a few years time when it becomes more compatible and commercial i'd try it again. But for now i'll leave it to the users with loads of time on their hands and those who have the techical knowledge .

  DieSse 14:45 15 Dec 2005

Just out of interest, I'm dual booting XP with Xandros (free edition - but I've taken out a years membership). Using OpenOffice (trying KOffice too), Firefox (to try Konqueror soon too), Thunderbird for everyday tasks.

One thing people sould be aware of, even if you pay for a commercial version of Linux, it usually covers several systems. Xandros can be installed on all home computers and one business system, with a single licence. Of course the free version can be installed anywhere at will.

One thing I'm determined to try is to NOT use the command line. I know enough that I could - but I want to make the experience as "windows-like" as I can at the frnt end, so that I can easily educate others.

  Haol 16:32 15 Dec 2005

I hate it when people start the "linux" thread. I use Windows XP, Ubuntu and Red Hat 9. If you truly are interested in computers, you would all types of OS's regardless of what people say about them.

  dth 17:04 15 Dec 2005

DieSee - Don't box yourself in there!

The mrs made a small video of one of our children at a school play on her mobile. Copied it onto our P/C as a avi file. Only problem was that she used the camera to the side and the file played left right rather than the right way up. Installed and played with loads of video programes to try and correct it. No success.

Someone suggested opening a shell window and typing in the command:-

mencoder file_name.avi -o target.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc -vf rotate=1

Job done in 5 secounds.

  SG Atlantis® 17:11 15 Dec 2005

I tried linux, a variety of live cds and xandros most recently and frankly why use them if you don't need to? it's a hassle I don't need.

  DieSse 17:52 15 Dec 2005

DieSee - Don't box yourself in there!

Don't miss my point - I've worked with command line OSs since CP/M, and they hold no terrors for me.

However, I rather like the idea of debunking the *command line myth* of Linux. So I resolved to find out how to do things without it. So far sucessfully.

If Linux is ever going to get to where it should be, IMHO the command line is a no-no.

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