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Why don't people do backups

  bumpkin 22:51 14 Jan 2014

How many times have we seen it in the help room where people have lost their data (failed HDD or whatever) but they have no backup. Others have a restore point dating back to the big bang and others do not write down their license key but always lose the sticker.

  Aitchbee 22:56 14 Jan 2014

Some people like to live dangerously ... like Dangermouse.

click here

  bumpkin 23:01 14 Jan 2014

Not someone I would like to meet in a dark alley.

  Aitchbee 23:09 14 Jan 2014

bumpkin - a month of sound recordings from BBC Radio 4's George Orwell season last february without a backup and then one fine morning my computer would not start 'cos the HardDrive went AWOL ... the air was blue! ... I backup everyday now.

  bumpkin 23:32 14 Jan 2014

How many threads are they on who have not backed up?

Plenty, look for yourself, then they come here for help because they either don't know or can't be bothered. I have some sympathy with the former.

  bumpkin 23:37 14 Jan 2014

Aitchbee, up the apples to uncle Ted for me:-)

  Quickbeam 07:02 15 Jan 2014

I wonder what the percentage is of those that never back up versus those that never service their car? Or those that never maintain their houses? Or those that never go to the doctor until something goes wrong?

And are they one and the same people?

  mole1944 07:21 15 Jan 2014

I use alternate drives to clone my my main drive on both laptop and desktop weekly, i also use a clickfree dongle as an daily intrim measure in the week with all my data its belt and braces for me with 62,000 legal music track alone and all the stress and cost of sorting out replacements it's not an option to loose them, i also save to my music to my nas drive yes your right i,m paranoid,once lost some stuff on a Spectrum (Yes i go back that far) and vowed never to loose anything again,even when i was working for GM i'd back up my work to a pen drive.

  Quickbeam 07:33 15 Jan 2014

I've started using Google Drive as my main work file platform because it's more secure that a personal drive and is easily accessible from any device anywhere.

I just run a SyncToy backup once a month.

  Brumas 08:45 15 Jan 2014

My iMac backs up automatically to an external hardrive, using TimeMachine, without me having to raise a finger - good thing really because I am sure I would forget otherwise!

  wee eddie 09:58 15 Jan 2014

Brumas: I'm sure that Cryptlocker does not work on a Mac!

I now only connect my Backup drive for the period of the backup

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