Why don't Lap Tops Have Handles?

  Kev.Ifty 00:43 19 Nov 2005

My Tough Book has.

So why not the others?

:-) Kev.

  Forum Editor 06:48 19 Nov 2005

Anyone who - like me - has dropped a laptop on a hard corridor floor whilst walking to a meeting must have asked the same question. Seems so obvious, doesn't it?

  €dstowe 07:52 19 Nov 2005

It's because they want to maximise the sales of grossly overpriced "fashion item" carrying cases - which sometimes cost an appreciable proportion of the price of the machine it contains.

  Forum Editor 08:01 19 Nov 2005

I doubt that's the reason, and in any case (no pun intended) I would certainly not like to go travelling without my trusty laptop case - it contains many other things, apart from the computer.

The real point is that it would be very useful to have a carry handle on the machine itself.

  fitcher 12:11 19 Nov 2005

can bought a laptop case for a tenner ..in fact dixons had a box full of assorted ones on sale cheap .

  v1asco 13:16 19 Nov 2005

could make a cell phone type wrist loop that can be secured in the lock notch (sorry folks, the name for it has just slipped my mind).

It may cut off the blood flow but the mind boggles at the thought of all these execs rushing along corridors with their lap tops swinging from their wrists.

  powerless 15:06 19 Nov 2005
  pj123 15:32 19 Nov 2005

A "G-Clamp" is quite cheap!!!

  spuds 16:48 19 Nov 2005

Nice neat leather, aluminum or plastic type case with handle,but it will cost you extra,now there's marketing for you.Beats the old Sainburys bag everytime.

  Kev.Ifty 22:14 19 Nov 2005

I've used a Toughbook for about 5 years now. I have got used to grabbing the handle to transport it from one desk or room to the other.(had it balanced on a chest freezer yesterday) I even, often have to use it whilst stood standing! :-)

I was thinking of getting a Lap Top for home use. When i looked around PCWorld i found it odd to pick up 700 quids worth of kit in what is really an awkward way.

You know them vacuum cup things they carry the big glass panes with?

I reckon a smaller version is needed..

Cheers Kev ;-)

  Simsy 07:23 20 Nov 2005

the title of this thread, completely.

I thought the word "handles" was referrring to a device to wind the thing up and provide power.

It seems they are about to be made, to be provide for education purposes in the third world.

Kofi Annan just brokwe the handle off of one!



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