why don't cyclists see red

  mrwoowoo 21:47 16 Jul 2007

Why is it,with all round perfect,100% uninterupted vision,cyclists allways fail to see a red light?
They regularly play chicken with traffic at junctions by squeezing between the cross flow, totally ignoring the red light.Sometimes taking to the path scattering pedestrians to the winds.
Yesterday one went the wrong way round a roundabout because he saw his mate on the 3rd exit and almost had a head on with a car.

  Kate B 21:54 16 Jul 2007

Do not get me started on cyclists. I cannot stand them.

*sits on hands*

  anskyber 22:01 16 Jul 2007

I'm a cyclist. Are you saying I am thick,stupid & arrogant?

  Brumas 22:02 16 Jul 2007

If I had to choose between Cyclists and Caravanners - now there's a question ;o)

  Kate B 22:02 16 Jul 2007

*continues to sit on hands even at expense of soothing anskyber*

  Brumas 22:14 16 Jul 2007

I hope you don't develop a case of Warm Hands - Cold Heart :o)

  wee eddie 22:18 16 Jul 2007

and have to agree with you Kate.

I have no idea what one can do about the idiots among us. The appear to be happy to ignore their own safety and be immune to threats of punishment.

  mrwoowoo 22:20 16 Jul 2007

"I'm a cyclist. Are you saying I am thick,stupid & arrogant?"
Of course not.We all know all cyclists arn't the same but it's more fun to stereotype people.
Shouldn't of started this thread as i have a caravan :~0.
Mind you i always keep to the speed limit and am usually in a tailback caused by a mini metro or such like ( do they ever go over 30mph?).Can't say i have ever caused a tailback as i have the apropriate vehicle to tow with.

  Kate B 22:22 16 Jul 2007

My heart is always warm ;-)

*returns to sitting on hands*

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 16 Jul 2007

Cyclists 10 commandments (as not issued by the Vatican)

1. Ignore traffic lights
2. Do not use lights at night
3. Ride on the pavement
4. Ride on the road instead of the cycletrack provided.
5. Ride two abreast on a narrow road
6. Wear dark clothing when riding at night
7. Scrape pedals and handlebars when squeezing between cars stood in a traffic jam.
8. Do not use and signal when turning right
9. Do not look behind when pulling out past obstructions or right turning.
10. Blame all other motorists for any accidents and campaign for more cycle tracks even though you pay no road tax or insurance.

FE mayget the silver mouse out for this post.

  anskyber 22:25 16 Jul 2007

Indeed. There in lies the silliness of some remarks already. As a cyclist I have already been branded as thick,stupid & arrogant by one ill thinking poster.

There are undoubtedly some who fit the description in the same way I could brand some (note the some) car drivers, lorry drivers, tractor drivers, horse riders, walkers, paragliders........ If we are going to debate things like this can we just now and again do so from a position of reasonableness?

Now who was it who said it's turning into whingers corner?

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