Why does Araldite (epoxy resin)

  Quickbeam 16:24 05 Feb 2019

...take so long to go hard now?

It used to go hard within 10 minutes at room temperature, 12 hours for a full curing.

The last few time I've mixed it, 50/50, it remains tacky for a few hours. At the mo I've got 2 plastic parts held under tension with tie wraps. I used to just have to hold it for a few minutes.

This is not just a one of pair of tubes that might be wrong, for the last 3 years I've noticed that it now takes 24 hours to cure.

  Quickbeam 20:45 05 Feb 2019

I've since discovered that I have standard Araldite and there is a rapid one. In the past it must all have been rapid as it always set quickly.

  Aitchbee 21:31 05 Feb 2019

Off subject slightly but back in the day when I started off working with BT, it was one of my jobs [ as a mere apprentice ] to mix up substantial amounts of Epoxy Putty by hand [wearing plastic gloves] ... it was used to seal off large cable joint enclosures. I recall it was beneficial to apply some Bostik to the surfaces of the prepared cable sheaths and sleeve closures etc beforehand to make a better seal ... belts 'n' braces. Epoxy plumbing course was a 2 weeks' stay in Edinburgh!

  qwbos 01:06 06 Feb 2019

Just checking my stock of aging Araldite against the website. Standard is still blue and rapid is still red. Standard supposedly gives a better long term bond but keeping components correctly aligned and under compression for 14 hours can be difficult. Parcelling with sticky tape can be quite effective.


Many years ago, I upset the cleaners at work with a well placed Bicaseal poo. Very versatile stuff!

  KEITH 1955 12:12 06 Feb 2019

Quick setting glues need to change the wording on the packaging , I used to build radio controlled planes , you could and still can buy 2 part epoxy glues that allegedly "set" in 30 mins , 1 hour or a couple of hours but they are playing with the true.

Take for example " sets in 30 mins " , it does not.

What actually happens is the outer skin of the glue sets in 30 mins to allow you to carry on working , it you cut the joint in half it will still be liquid in the middle.

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