Why do we let terrorists back in?

  john bunyan 12:31 27 Jun 2018

Another British National has been convicted of terrorism.


We have debated this before and a few have been denied entry back. This guy was a bomb maker in Afghanistan, luckily one of the few returnees that MI5 followed , caught red handed. There are too many to follow as he was and I cannot understand why people who have fought for the Taliban or ISIS are allowed back. Change the law if needed

  Forum Editor 12:41 28 Jun 2018

"You cannot deport/refuse entry to a British citizen."

Not whilst the person still has citizenship, but the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that our government can remove that citizenship when it has evidence to show that said citizen has taken part in terrorist activities abroad, and it can be done whilst said person is still abroad - barring him or her from ever re-entering the country, even though he/she may present a passport at the point of entry.

The ruling was made by the court when Theresa May was Home Secretary - she deprived a British citizen of his citizenship, and therefore his right to re-enter the UK, and she did it while he was still in Sudan. In its ruling, the court said that Theresa had "acted swiftly and diligently, and in accordance with the law”.

  Middle of the Road 12:51 28 Jun 2018

john bunyan

According to this it has happened quite a few times.


  Middle of the Road 12:52 28 Jun 2018

Sorry the link does not seem to work, it is the parliament records.

  Middle of the Road 12:55 28 Jun 2018

The parliament research department is here

enter link description here

  john bunyan 13:37 28 Jun 2018

Middle of the Road

Thanks for the link. It says 81 such people have been deprived of citizenship on grounds of their presence being prejudicial to the public good. In my view this should be applied to those who have been proved to be actively fighting for our enimies, such as ISIS or el Quada . The treason act was abolished so this action should apply as MI5 do not have the resources to follow the numbers returning .

  Forum Editor 14:33 28 Jun 2018

"MI5 do not have the resources to follow the numbers returning."

Once a person's passport is invalidated, they will automatically be stopped at the point of entry - always assuming that they try to enter via an airport or a seaport where there is immigration control.

Ideally, we should get to the point where those who are going to be refused entry will be prevented from traveling at the boarding point - before they get on an aircraft or ship. The American Homeland Security department operates that system - if they don't want you in their country you are not allowed to board the aircraft or ship that would take you there. You must obtain a prior authority to travel.

We should be able to do the same thing - demand that everyone who wants to travel into the UK with a foreign passport has to obtain our prior approval before traveling. Holders of British passports must register the details with their carrier, and this information can easily be passed to our immigration control before the departure date. If we don't want someone, he or she would not be allowed to travel.

We need to get tough on this, or face the consequences.

  morddwyd 19:35 28 Jun 2018

Let's not get off track here.

I have no objection to withdrawal of British citizenship/passport. In fact I am strongly in favour and belie we should do so more often.

I am simply saying you cannot deport until this is done!

  john bunyan 19:46 28 Jun 2018

I am simply saying you cannot deport until this is done!

Maybe not but they should be deprived of citizenship whilst abroad if they are, or have been fighting for the terrorist groups mentioned. Then, no way should they be allowed back in. In fact a number , such as Jihadi John, have been targeted by Allied drone strike and SF elimination, a more certain answer providing the evidence is watertight.

  morddwyd 09:26 29 Jun 2018

they should be deprived of citizenship whilst abroad if they are, or have been fighting for the terrorist groups mentioned

in absentia and without due process?

That is surely not what we are about?

  john bunyan 09:39 29 Jun 2018

We kill them with drones etc without “due process” whilst they are in theatre so depriving them of citizenship is milder. They, by joining ISIS , have crossed a line and should not be allowed back. They could appeal while still abroad, as is done by visa applications . It seems to me that by joining up to an organisation like ISIS that such folk have de facto given up citizenship of the UK

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