Why do we let terrorists back in?

  john bunyan 12:31 27 Jun 2018

Another British National has been convicted of terrorism.


We have debated this before and a few have been denied entry back. This guy was a bomb maker in Afghanistan, luckily one of the few returnees that MI5 followed , caught red handed. There are too many to follow as he was and I cannot understand why people who have fought for the Taliban or ISIS are allowed back. Change the law if needed

  HondaMan 13:01 27 Jun 2018

Simple. We do not have enough border control officers for want of a better description, our entry ports are far too lax in security matters and other countries are happy to terrorists them move freely towards the UK as that gets them off their hands!

  bumpkin 15:18 27 Jun 2018

Was he allowed back or did he return illegaly.

  john bunyan 16:05 27 Jun 2018

Allowed in. He went to our embassy in Istanbul , would you believe?

khalid Ali

  Old Deuteronomy 16:43 27 Jun 2018

Better that he is locked up in a British jail, than out about killing innocent people, wherever he might be doing that.

  Pine Man 18:45 27 Jun 2018

locked up in a British jail

.......probably doing his best to radicalise his fellow inmates no doubt.

  Aitchbee 19:32 27 Jun 2018

locked up in a British jail .......probably doing his best to radicalise his fellow inmates no doubt.

I'd expect he'd find that difficult if he was sent to Barlinnie Prison [Special Unit].

  morddwyd 20:21 27 Jun 2018

The whole of your post is negated, and your question answered, by the first line "Another British national".

  john bunyan 07:11 28 Jun 2018


Not quite true . He was not born here and there are precedents for deprivation of citizenship for such folk.

ISIS folk

  morddwyd 07:21 28 Jun 2018

You cannot deport/refuse entry to a British citizen.

End of.

What happens to somebody who is not. or no longer is, a British citizeb is a different set of rules.

He holds, I assume, a genuine, valid British passport. As long as he has that he is entitled to all the rights and privileges thereof,

  john bunyan 08:18 28 Jun 2018


We disagree in that deprivation of citizenship HAS been done before. I will try to find more proof when I have time. If not the law needs changing!

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