Why do so many schools shut??

  DANZIG 07:42 06 Jan 2010

As the title states, when the snow comes down, why does this happen??

Is it a HnS issue so little Johnny's parents can't sue the school if the little darling slips over and, shock horror, has an accident!

Or is it a chance for another day off for the teachers?

There are absolutely LOADS of schools shut round here, even though I managed to get to work as did the majority of my colleagues and customers.

I imagine having a school shut causes loads of problems for working parents - especially if the school decides to shut half an hour after opening - which does happen.

  Quickbeam 07:43 06 Jan 2010

When I wor a lad in '63...

  DANZIG 07:55 06 Jan 2010

Just listening to the 'closure list' on BBC Radio Leeds now.

Most of Bradford seems to be shut! Why????

Does every teacher live in the styx?!?!?

  Quickbeam 07:59 06 Jan 2010

They need to pay the ferryman more.

  Picklefactory 08:01 06 Jan 2010

You beat me to it. My sons school shut yesterday morning at around 10.30 and gave parents 30 mins notice to collect their children. We had absolutely no issue getting to school in the car, and my son had absolutely no problem getting home on the bus, took him 20 mins. Now that my son is 12, it is less of an issue than it used to be as he can shift himself now, but I also fail to understand the seeming panic that sets in as soon as there is a snow shower?
Do teachers still get paid if they fail to turn up due to snow, I know I certainly wouldn't?
One of my colleagues had a 10 minute warning from his childrens school, his school is about 10 miles from where we work.
Does it happen in any other country or is just us?

  DANZIG 08:05 06 Jan 2010

Its ridiculous! Just listening to the list they're reading out on BBC Radio Leeds.

A third of West Yorkshire's schools are shut - its taken them about 10 minutes to read them all out!

I pity Andie and Georgie! :-)

I'm still managing to get to work though although if I had kids I wouldn't be!!

  tillybaby 08:07 06 Jan 2010

All the schools are closed here too in Greater Manchester not only that but a couple came into the shop where I work yesterday and said they got on a bus to Manchester which took them half way there then told them to get off as it wasn't going anywhere else. Took them over an hour to get home again but what about pensioners etc. if they had been on the bus I wondered.

  DANZIG 08:10 06 Jan 2010

Just heard some teacher from a school in Mixenden near Halifax blathering on about the safety of the road etc etc.


He didn't stay on long - he had to get off to the pub! (That last bit was a gag by the way)

  wiz-king 08:19 06 Jan 2010

Eee - when I were a lad in shorts the school never shut for snow (unfortunatly). We had to wait until evenings or weekends to play in the snow. Several times we had several classes merged into the assembly hall until our teachers got in. Also as 11 to 13 year olds we had to wear shorts all year round unless the headmaster issued the 'long trousers' ruling.
Those were the days.

  Kevscar1 08:33 06 Jan 2010

Just had call from Hospital appointment this morning cancelled as nurse can't get in. Now wondering if they will be able to do first op tomorrow.

  bri-an 08:39 06 Jan 2010

Yeah, we stripped off and built igloos so the teachers could shelter during the night when we were snowed-in at school. Never did us any harm!!
(Apart from frostbite and a few broken limbs).
...and mothers used to stay at home and look after the kids, none of this namby-pamby women's lib nonsense, so it didn't matter if schools closed.
The good old days.

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