Why do I keep getting switched to Reward Zone

  canarieslover 18:38 16 Apr 2018

Is anybody else having this problem? It is only on the Tech Advisor website that I am getting it, all other websites behave normally. I will be part way through reading a post and then it will switch and make me an offer that I immediately refuse. Samsung tablet if that is relevant.

  canarieslover 20:46 16 Apr 2018

I have just logged on to see if anyone had replied to my post when, love and behold, it happened again. nationalconsumerscentre.co.uk appears to be the offending website. Any clues anybody as it is only this website that it is affecting.

  wee eddie 20:58 16 Apr 2018

Load "Adblock plus" It allows a few through though!

  Govan1x 22:50 16 Apr 2018

Url Void shows this for it

Analysis Date 28 seconds ago Safety Reputation 0/34 Domain 1st Registered Unknown Server Location Flag Unknown

IP Address Unknown Hostname Unknown ASN Unknown ASN Owner Unknown Continent Unknown Country Code Flag Unknown Latitude / Longitude Unknown City Unknown Region Unknown

Maybe give adw cleaner a run to see if it finds any problems.

  canarieslover 12:55 17 Apr 2018

I have now installed adblock plus, though I an reluctant to use an ad blocker as the ads pay for the site. Can't put up with being switched to another site when I am in the middle of reading something.

  Govan1x 13:29 17 Apr 2018


As long as everything is working the way you want it.

You can only put up with so much.

  Matt. 15:35 18 Apr 2018

Don't know which browser you are using, but if Firefox install This extension it gives you a button to disable JavaScript site by site. You will need to enable it before posting but if you forget just enable it then refresh page.

  canarieslover 16:54 18 Apr 2018

Matt - I'm using Chrome on an Android tablet. Adblock plus seems to have done the trick for me.

  canarieslover 21:50 18 Apr 2018

Despite Adblock plus I was just answering another thread when I answered the popular survey on adblock erstwhile and immediately got transferred to not just one, but two outside sites. There seems to be something malicious dwelling on the Tech Advisor site as I don't get it on any other site.

  roger.roger 22:29 18 Apr 2018

For an andriod tablet use this browser addblock browser

Nothing gets through and you don't have to switch off javascript.

  canarieslover 08:45 19 Apr 2018

roger.roger - I have now installed it and I will see if it is effective on this site.

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