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Why do girls, on a chilly night, ?

  wee eddie 22:50 06 Sep 2014

Wear the flimsiest of dresses and walk down the road, bare footed, when there are fashionable clothes and shoes that would keep them warm and comfortable?

  carver 04:42 11 Sep 2014

woodchip "They are used as a Magnet for men to peep at what ever they have got, and go a bit further if prompted or not. That's why they go missing and finish up murdered in a field"

That is one of the most stupid statements any person can make to justify an act of brutality against a woman, any woman can or should be able to dress how she wants and if a man can not understand that then it's not the women's fault.

I could never understand how any man could use that saying " she egged me on" to justify rape, you have a brain it's there to use in cases of emergency and it should have enough cells in use to tell you to stop.

  Forum Editor 07:49 11 Sep 2014

"I have to admit that I was hoping for a more erudite explanation from one of our female members"

Perhaps they don't see the need to provide explanations, and in any case the girls you saw would be the ones to do that, if they felt it necessary. Personally I can't see why it matters.

  wee eddie 12:04 11 Sep 2014

FE: If we only asked questions the mattered, we'd still be living in caves!

If one could untangle the reasoning behind this, I was part of the Mini Skirt Generation but we also had Laura Ashley's stuff at the same time, it could be interesting.

I believe that it is a similar motivation to the one that drives young men to have drinking competitions and rush around shouting but, as a male, I will never know.

  Forum Editor 13:55 11 Sep 2014

wee eddie

"If we only asked questions the mattered, we'd still be living in caves!"

Perhaps, but seeking an understanding of human nature is always going to be fraught with problems. No doubt those girls in question had a reason for dressing the way they did at the time, but I very much doubt that anyone else is going to be able to tell you what it was.

  wee eddie 15:53 11 Sep 2014

spider9: Went to several early performances of The Rocky Horror Show, which was only a couple of hundred yards from my flat. Knew several cast members, as wells as Tim Curry, to speak to.

I only cross dressed on 'Special' Occasions.

The reason for the Laura Ashley mention was that all her dresses were full length and almost all had high collars.

  woodchip 18:58 11 Sep 2014

One Reason for my above two posts was, Barnsley was plagued by attacks from men some years back Police posted a Picture on how the thought a Woman should dress to avoid this. It did not mean they have to dress like a Victorian but you dress in a way that they said was not Provocative. I now leave that up to you how you view or see the sense in that

  woodchip 19:00 11 Sep 2014

PS Picture of what they thought was in the Local Barnsley Chronicle

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