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Why do girls, on a chilly night, ?

  wee eddie 22:50 06 Sep 2014

Wear the flimsiest of dresses and walk down the road, bare footed, when there are fashionable clothes and shoes that would keep them warm and comfortable?

  Aitchbee 23:18 06 Sep 2014

It's because their girly 'goose-pimples' like to get a bit of exercise?

  spuds 00:09 07 Sep 2014

Have you been looking at the girls going to or coming from the nightclubs?.

The flimsiest of clothes takes less cleaning, the morning after!.

  wee eddie 00:17 07 Sep 2014

I am driving my Taxi at the moment.

The question was prompted by a group of teenagers walking into town. Too young to be Clubbing, so must have been going to a party. At that time, about half a mile from the nearest house

  Devil Fish 03:08 07 Sep 2014

define chilly i walk back from pub at the moment in shorts (tailored of course don't wish to drop standards ) and tee shirt on a saturday night i feel it it still warm enough to do so others may not

  wee eddie 11:06 07 Sep 2014

I have to admit that I was hoping for a more erudite explanation from one of our female members

  spuds 11:53 07 Sep 2014

"I have to admit that I was hoping for a more erudite explanation from one of our female members"

I hope you are right. All the years I have known females, I still cannot understand the bare foot thing in the so called civilised world . Perhaps it dates back to tribal days?.

  woodchip 21:57 07 Sep 2014

They are used as a Magnet for men to peep at what ever they have got, and go a bit further if prompted or not. That's why they go missing and finish up murdered in a field

  woodchip 22:00 07 Sep 2014

It's what's called "egging men on" then when it all goes wrong they wonder why

  wee eddie 01:03 08 Sep 2014

It was quite cold and there was a stiff sea breeze.

All the boys were wearing jackets but none of the girls was wearing so much as a, long sleeved, dress.

This interested me and I wondered if there was any explanation.

I have had a long association with the Feminist Movement, in fact, my daughter's mother was one of Caroline Coon's team, on Spare Rib, when I was involved with Time Out.

I have been beginning to wonder if they achieved anything at all. I hoped that someone would produce an explanation that contradicted this view.

  wee eddie 02:24 08 Sep 2014

The curse of the 60's has struck again.

Caroline was Release. Rosie was Spare Rib

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