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Why Codec Packs are Bad.

  Anon-2432433 00:24 01 Aug 2009

I found this on another forum. Its an interesting read on codec packs and what they could do to your computer. click here

  Anon-321511 10:30 01 Aug 2009

I've also been using the K-Lite codecs pack for a number of years - nothing untoward has so far resulted.

  Anon-1349446 10:37 01 Aug 2009

I can understand the point of the article but it lacks a suggestion for a better solution.

  Anon-928050 10:44 01 Aug 2009

yet they've been installed and worked okay in the past. Having read that, I wonder if the K-Lite Codec Pack could be the problem. Can't remember when or why I installed it.

  Anon-242098 11:32 01 Aug 2009

worth reading the link its handy to know bad points about codecs. With my set ups XP played everything but vista is a pain with some dvd,s often the free ones in papers, since using K-Lite pack vista has been kicked into touch.

but any future problems its worth knowing the points made re codecs.

  Anon-928050 12:11 01 Aug 2009

I uninstalled the K-Lite Codec Pack, saying yes to all enquiries about deleting corrupted registry entries, re-started my PC, then re-installed Risk II. Haven't played Risk II for ages, because it normally freezes on the first loading screen and I haven't been able to do anything about it. Now it runs. One of my favourite games back.

Hopefully, the similarly afflicted Medal of Honor Allied Assault will also now run. It crashes on start-up, even though it's also been installed and worked previously. Already traded in the third game (Act of War).

Over the Moon!

  Anon-928050 12:15 01 Aug 2009

click here

Finally resolved!

  Anon-321511 12:21 01 Aug 2009

...pirated software, according to the author. >>

You should be absolutely and thoroughly ashamed of yourself for making such a unwarranted and derogatory statement.

I use the K-Lite Full Codecs Pack purely for musical and video reproduction purposes.

As a point of interest, I don't play games.

  Anon-2432433 13:36 01 Aug 2009

Although I have no experience of codec packs myself as everything I have needed has always been on my computer. I posted this thread to give some information on what the Codec pack could consist of and what could happen. Not to advise anyone against installing what they want. It is up to the individual.

The way I read it is that due to what may be in the Codec pack it may cause problem due to conflicts with programs already installed on a computer and not that it will cause problems. Not every computer is the same.

At least one person has been able to rectify a minor problem after removing the codec pack.

  Anon-321511 15:47 01 Aug 2009

Yes, I did read the link.

However, your posting gives the belief that I was possibly using pirated software.

Anyone who hadn't read the link would certainly be given that impression.

  Anon-321511 16:20 01 Aug 2009

It was the words "like you" that created the impression - if you had stated something on the lines of ",,Well it looks 'like some people' are probably running pirated software.." you would have been in the clear, rather than making a comment that can/could be regarded as libellous.

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