Why bother buying computer magazines?

  Sapins 13:43 31 Jul 2004

I had a subscription to a magazine which went out of production and I was transferred to another magazine, this is about to run out and I have been thinking, why bother renewing it. The info in magazines is out of date before you receive it, the reviews are the opinions of one person, whereas you can use the internet to get opinions from lots of actual purchasers/users,
they take up too much space, It's a pain to find an article in back copies, and outside the UK they cost far too much, I think the latter is to make a few quid more from us ex-pats as the increase is not the equivalent of the extra postage by a mile,and I've checked this out via a friend in the UK.

With my trusty broadband connection I can find the up to date price of any component, read the very latest reviews of products, print out any I may wish to take to the shop when buying, and come to think of it why bother with shops at all? a few clicks of the mouse and away I go.

I think I have just convinced myself of a way to save a few pounds to put towards the cost of my next upgrade, unless someone can convince me otherwise.:-)



  Sapins 13:45 31 Jul 2004

Oh, forgot to add, why can't we who live outside the UK enter magazine competitions? Another big minus.

  powerless 14:45 31 Jul 2004

Well you have a point.

  Forum Editor 17:41 31 Jul 2004

1. The info is out of date.......

Is it? Which info is that then? Lots of people read computer magazines because they rely on them for information which they can't/don't get anywhere else. How are such people going to get the information faster than from their magazines?

2. Reviews are usually the opinion of one person...

You're right there. The thing is, that person is usually quite experienced at using the type of hardware/software involved, and can give an objective view - unlike most "actual purchasers/users" who will tend to make subjective judgments, and will often be biased for one reason or another.

3. ......I think the latter is to make a few quid more from us ex-pats.

Do you? Are you seriously suggesting that magazine managements sit around saying: "Hey, let's top up the cost of foreign subscriptions, so we can make a few extra quid from those poor ex-pats" ........Well are you? Take a look at the foreign subscription rates for magazines in other countries - they must all be at it!

4. why can't we who live outside the UK enter magazine competitions?

For legal and practical reasons. Most competition prizes are items that have been provided by manufacturers or suppliers, and are 'localised' - i.e. software is UK version and hardware has UK/European leads/plugs. In addition, nmanufacturers warranties often aren't valid outside the UK, and consumer legislation about faulty items isn't applicable. Take a look at American magazines - you'll find they also don't accept competition entries from abroad for the same reasons.

Why bother reading magazines? Well if you can't think of at least two good reasons I'm amazed. Thankfully hundreds of thousands of people see it differently to you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 31 Jul 2004

'Oh, forgot to add, why can't we who live outside the UK enter magazine competitions?'....same reason we that live in the UK can't go out of our doors and buy cheap booze and cigars. You are perfectly at liberty to return to live here to enter competitions; then again you can use some of the money you save by living abroad and buy the kit that is offered in competitions.

'and outside the UK they cost far too much'....you obviously have not considered the extra costs posting abroad and extra distribution costs. This is not rocket science.

'the reviews are the opinions of one person'...I would rrather listen to one person who has had lots of experience than 20 people who have had little experience of different makes.

Bit of a gormless thread IMHO.


  oresome 18:13 31 Jul 2004


You're just trying to wind the FE up aren't you?

Magazines are an excellent way of keeping uptodate with technology and products are often released to reviewers before being made available to the public. And you can't beat the printed page for a relaxed read.

  Sapins 18:23 31 Jul 2004

1. I'm surprised that in the world of computers, information can not be out of date from the time an article/opinion is mooted for publication to the time it reaches the subscriber/buyer.

Try an Internet Café, friends who have a computer, see it on TV, pop into a local shop and look at the latest equipment/talk to assistants, and they are not waiting a month in between magazines!

There will come a time when we can wear a wristwatch which will connect us to the internet, then the unemployment figures will rocket;-)

2, Reviewers, objective they may be but, they do not look at something from the "new" user point of view who hasn't got their sometimes narrow objective experience, and are all the experts in this forum giving totally subjective views?

3. Take any magazine in its original packaging, go a UK post office and ask how much to post it to say France. The time and effort taken to package the magazine and label it is exactly the same no matter where it is destined for. The price I would have to pay for a subscription is way beyond the difference, Why? ARE they all at it?

4. I just thought that as we are in the "Common Market" and have free trade and movement between member countries that any "problems" could easily be sorted out, or should I not buy anything from another country? I am not too impressed with the Americans to look at their systems but, we won't go into that.

Now, I have to admit I have one reason for buying magazines, I can't, yet, take my computer to the breakfast table, ( I haven't gone wireless or have a laptop, and anyway I was taught not to read at the table, but if they make a teasmade with an internet connection!!!



  Sapins 18:37 31 Jul 2004

Hi GANDALF <|:-)> and oresome,

GANDALF <|:-)> You can jump on a ferry and take as much cheap booze and cigars (fags not cheap enough?) back you like, provided that you buy in an EU country. Re cost of subscription see nos 2.&.3 in my reply. "Bit of a gormless thread IMHO". You are of course entitled to your own opinion, it's just a pity you can't let others have theirs, I reckon I am about as gormless as your good self, which is neither here nor there.

oresome, my point about out of date info still stands and I have a very comfortable, relaxing and free read at the PC whenever I like :-))

P.S. will try to keep up with the posts but I have to read my overpriced, printed in France English newspaper, 2.5€ instead of 65pence!!
Oh, and no I do not yet read French, nothing interesting in their papers anyway LOL


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:38 31 Jul 2004

The sun has got you.


  Sapins 18:41 31 Jul 2004

Never go out in it, I'm as white as a sheet honest.


  Sapins 18:47 31 Jul 2004

In fact I'm whiter and still shaking;-) after getting that blast from FE which wasn't entirely unexpected, hope I don't get expelled or worse.

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