Why Are they not in prison?

  Condom 23:54 23 May 2012

Can anyone explain to me why a certain couple are able to walk to and from a court room where they are being tried for murder. I wonder why they are not in prison like most people being tried for this sort of crime. And I'm not even going to ask if they can still vote.

  Condom 00:30 24 May 2012

I ask a perfectly straightforward question and I get an idiot like you to answer.

  spuds 00:35 24 May 2012

Perhaps in the case you are referring: Innocent until proven guilty?.

There are many cases were some people are free to roam about, and that includes some who have been found guilty and are awaiting the judge's decision!.

Bail conditions are possibly another issue, that might apply in some cases!.

  Condom 11:42 24 May 2012

Thankk for your comments. I am a believer in innocent until proven otherwise but I was not aware that murder suspects were so often out on bail.

  spuds 13:53 24 May 2012


When I was involved with the UK court's, it wasn't unusual for a person turning up with the 'worldly' goods, expecting to be given a custodial sentence, and then informed to come back in a month or two's time, after the judge had made a decision.

There was also the cases when people turned up, and were 'sent down', but hadn't bothered to bring their 'worldly' goods. They were usually the one's who said that the police and court's had it in for them, and it was all a misunderstanding!.

  Forum Editor 19:26 24 May 2012

"I wonder why they are not in prison like most people being tried for this sort of crime."

I don't know where you got that idea from. Lots of people accused of murder are granted bail. They'll be bailed unless the prosecution convinces a court that there's a real risk they will abscond before the trial date, or that they are likely to commit further offences if free to walk the streets pending trial.

  Forum Editor 19:28 24 May 2012


I just noticed that you said much the same thing earlier - my apologies for the duplication.

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