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  HondaMan 11:11 09 Sep 2016

I apologise to anyone upset or offended by this item in advance.


Now the next bit may be contentious. As far as I am aware, if the deceased's estate has insufficient funds to pay for a funeral, THE STATE MUST PAY. Under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, councils have a statutory duty to make arrangements for the funeral or cremation of the body of any person who has died or been found dead in their area, where it is established after investigation that there is no alternative course of action. OK, so it will be what used to be called a pauper's funeral(now known as a public health funeral) the minimum to meet the legalities, but it is not and cannot be a burden on the next of kin.

Pressure is being applied to grieving relatives by these adverts many of whom believe that they HAVE to pay; they do not. What the advertisers rely on is the fact that no one wants to see Uncle Joe or Aunt Mildred buried in a pauper's grave and will pay for a more lavish funeral.

It just makes my blood boil to see people pressured in this way

Take the case of a homeless person with no family and no money - someone has to deal with it, so it falls to the local council.

Again, my apologies to anyone offended or affected in any way.

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  lotvic 22:15 12 Sep 2016

I hope it's not 'any traceable next of kin' if it is then there's bound to be ructions when people get a bill for a funeral for a relative they didn't know existed.

  bumpkin 23:19 12 Sep 2016

* 'any traceable next of kin'*

Now there is an interesting point. Some years back my old dad 80yrs at the time got a letter saying he was entitled to some money from a distant relative that he had never heard of. Yet another scam preying on the elderly I thought and warned him accordingly not to give any of the requested bank details. He didn't so they sent him a cheque for £9000 instead of doing a transfer. Apparently a company that does this (for their cut of course) managed to find eleven distant relatives and the estate was shared between them when there were no more traceable.

  Portal11 23:50 12 Sep 2016

Hi guys its been a few years since i was last on here lol hope everyones well? i started on the net in 1999 which maybe more than majority of you guys? ive seen it over the years transform from a fantastic tool to a marketing one...whilst i appreciate sites are Not free its also worth noting without customers/users a site will cease to exist..? the same thing kinda happened to Myspace! they started deleting peoples profiles due to copyright issues but instead of giving people a chance to sort their accounts out they where just deleted and then the adverts came...same as FB! i started using that site around 8 years ago maybe even longer im not sure? whats happened to it as its become a Marketing platform..a mess.... and after all these years of support for the site i have recently closed my FB account down with no intentions of ever going back on it... Good thread Hondaman! glad to see your well...

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