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Why are these adverts allowed

  HondaMan 11:11 09 Sep 2016

I apologise to anyone upset or offended by this item in advance.


Now the next bit may be contentious. As far as I am aware, if the deceased's estate has insufficient funds to pay for a funeral, THE STATE MUST PAY. Under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, councils have a statutory duty to make arrangements for the funeral or cremation of the body of any person who has died or been found dead in their area, where it is established after investigation that there is no alternative course of action. OK, so it will be what used to be called a pauper's funeral(now known as a public health funeral) the minimum to meet the legalities, but it is not and cannot be a burden on the next of kin.

Pressure is being applied to grieving relatives by these adverts many of whom believe that they HAVE to pay; they do not. What the advertisers rely on is the fact that no one wants to see Uncle Joe or Aunt Mildred buried in a pauper's grave and will pay for a more lavish funeral.

It just makes my blood boil to see people pressured in this way

Take the case of a homeless person with no family and no money - someone has to deal with it, so it falls to the local council.

Again, my apologies to anyone offended or affected in any way.

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  bumpkin 15:01 09 Sep 2016

Spot on spider.

  bumpkin 15:09 09 Sep 2016

I had to arrange my wife's funeral recently and I found all those people wanting to "HELP" me nauseating as I knew their objectives but being vulnerable they were able to and did take advantage. If I give my opinion of them on here in hindsight I will be struck off.

  bumpkin 19:25 09 Sep 2016

* I am now of the firm opinion that funeral directors are on a par with estate agents!!*

Me also but what really gets me is the pretending to be my friend attitude. They are not my friend nor do I wish them to be, just do what I am paying them for and spare me the meaningless bullshit.

  Forum Editor 05:29 10 Sep 2016

I don't see anything offensive in the ad. It's just a business, advertising its services.

  HondaMan 11:49 10 Sep 2016

I don't see anything offensive in the ad. It's just a business, advertising its services. It is, IMHO very close to deliberately misleading the general public into thinking they they, as surviving relatives, HAVE to pay. It is not the idea behind the advert which offends, but the statement which leads people to the view that it is their legal responsibility. It is NOT!

  Forum Editor 16:40 10 Sep 2016


Although there is a social fund, from which you may claim assistance with funeral expenses it isn't quite as straightforward as you seem to think.

You can claim for help with expenses if your spouse/partner/child/family member dies, but one of you has to have been in receipt of benefit - there is a list of qualifying benefits.

You will not get the full cost of the funeral, and the money you do get will have to be paid back from the deceased person's estate. The funeral contribution repayment comes first - it takes precedence over all other payments from the estate, and before any bequests are paid.

  Burn-it 17:37 10 Sep 2016

It is like many COSTS. As soon as insurance companies get involved COSTS go up - mainly because it is in their interest to force them up anyway.

  HondaMan 10:18 11 Sep 2016

The Council has a public health duty to bury or cremate any person who has died within the county and where it appears to the Council that no suitable arrangements have been or are being made for the disposal of the body.

The funeral is the first claim against the estate. If there is no estate, then the legal obligation to bury the body lies with the council, NOT the relatives.

  Forum Editor 16:30 11 Sep 2016


Local authorities (and hospitals) will indeed bury or cremate anyone who dies in a residential care home or hospital, if nobody comes forward to claim the body.

They will, subsequently, investigate whether the deceased person had a bank account, and if that is the case they will recover the cost directly from the bank involved.

The bank is bound to release the funds, and this debt takes priority over all others. If that avenue fails, the council or hospital can take proceedings to recover the debt from any executor, or from any traceable next of kin or civil partner. In law the debt doesn't go away until all,possible recovery avenues have been explored.

  HondaMan 21:38 12 Sep 2016

I'm not sure about the next of kin, FE. It is not their legal responsibility. If you disagree, tell me where it states that it is their legal duty to pay.

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