Why Are People Late?

  Crosstrainer2 15:37 22 Oct 2011

I have been waiting for friends to arrive all day.. Original time of arrival was "10ish" it's now 15:35. Do people no longer inform the host?

Probably me an age thing.

  lotvic 15:45 22 Oct 2011

Are you sure it's today they're coming or could it be tomorrow..... before they arrive. It's enough to make you cross, crosstrainer2 ;)

  Crosstrainer2 15:47 22 Oct 2011


It is today... i guess it's what comes of living alone....I have become used to it.

  Woolwell 16:00 22 Oct 2011

They're timing it to arrive in the middle of something important!

  Forum Editor 16:46 22 Oct 2011

When I first met my wife I used to become infuriated at her apparent inability to arrive anywhere on time. We had several memorable arguments about it - her wondering what I was getting so up tight about, and me wondering if I could ever have a future with someone who had such a cavalier attitude about time.

Over the years we've both made compromises - I keep my temper when she says 'I'll be ready in a minute' when I know she means 'I'll be ready sometime in the next hour', and she tries hard to be punctual when other people are involved.

My father, who was a military man, taught me that it's the height of rudeness to assume that the other person won't mind waiting when you're late. As a result I'm the one who would arrive before everyone else if he could, and I would rather wait an hour or two in the airport than arrive breathless at the boarding gate when the ground crew are about to close.

You are how you are, and if your friends are as late as you say, you are entitled to feel a little irritated.

  Crosstrainer2 17:50 22 Oct 2011


So well put, my wife was exactly the same...But never late...EXACTLY to the minute on time...These friends have yet to arrive.

  Woolwell 18:36 22 Oct 2011

I think that I would ring them. We made a dreadful mistake one day when we thought that our friends were coming to us and in fact it was the other way round. It wasn't until the telephone call did we realise the error.

  badgery 18:50 22 Oct 2011

Silver lining...? Didn't you reckon they would disrupt your rugby watching? (Or was that somebody else said that - apologies if I'm mistaken!).

  amonra 19:08 22 Oct 2011

Leave a note on the door, "Back in five mins." and go down the pub for a couple of hours !!!!!!

  morddwyd 20:27 22 Oct 2011

With friends like that, who needs other interests, or has the time to do them?

  Crosstrainer2 21:26 22 Oct 2011

They Came..Rugby final is tomorrow.

time for me to take my meds....


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