why is this...??

  hijo 13:30 05 Nov 2006

b4 i start i dont want this post to go be aimed at anything other than what iam asking,this is just a question of pure confusion here,BUT I GOT A POINT..!!
ok as many of you already know iam from HULL & the local newspaper has somewhat confused me,ive emailed them but they havent got back to me,ok what it is they send me a auto-mated email when u subscribe to them informing you of all the loacal news ok,& you have the option to "add comments" with EVERY news story at the bottom of the page or just below the story (see this click here ) ive just noticed someone else has the same view @ the bottom & also kinda answered my question however ive typed this much might as well finish it, so whenever there is a issues with a asylum seeker (see this click here ) we are not allowed to air our opinions...? i can see now why but still we are getting more and restricted in our opinions/points of view & i feel this is not the way,but b4 anyone grills me like i said this is not a offensive posts in any way i just wanted to understand where the newspaper was going with this...

  Kate B 13:36 05 Nov 2006

hijo, your posting style makes your posts a little hard to grasp sometimes, but I'm guessing you're objecting to the fact that you can't post comments on the second story.

I suspect the reason is that the paper wants to protect itself from any legal action. Not only do the laws of libel apply to anything you write on that paper's board, in the case of that story the paper could find itself the conduit for potentially illegal postings that incite racial hatred. Unless you've got someone moderating those comments all the time, postings that breach the law could be left up for quite a long time, thus exposing the paper to legal action.

  hijo 13:40 05 Nov 2006

thankx kate 4 explaining it i was a little nieve...i will close the post now..!!

  Kate B 13:43 05 Nov 2006

Glad to have helped!

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