Whos tecnically in charge since labour lost

  ronalddonald 16:45 10 May 2010

thats the question who in charge or will be in the next couple of days if the torys join the lib demos. or dont.

  bremner 16:48 10 May 2010

Labour and Gordon Brown.

  Pine Man 16:57 10 May 2010

GB can stay until 25th May:-((

  bremner 17:11 10 May 2010

The state opening of parliament and Queens speech are on 25th May.

Constitutionally there does not have to be a resolution by then but if there isn't then it becomes even more complicated.

The BBC sets out the situation click here

  bremner 17:22 10 May 2010

Who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps its me.

  Joseph Kerr 18:24 10 May 2010

Yup, still the incumbant PM.

  peter99co 21:54 10 May 2010

I thought it was Mandy!

  wiz-king 08:56 11 May 2010

Perhaps the Queen could bang a few heads together, or even dismiss Parliament and tell us to try again. There must be a precedent for that action if you go back far enough!
Off with their heads!!!

  Pine Man 11:08 12 May 2010

Now you know;-))

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