Who's not using their share?

  babybell 15:25 13 Jul 2007

Just noticed above this text box it says there are 250566 threads and 222457 members. So if you divide one by the other 250566/222457, that means that every single member has posted only 1.1 messages each? Pretty sure i've posted a lot more than that over the years!

  babybell 15:27 13 Jul 2007

That should read "every single member has posted only 1.1 THREADS each?"

  Stuartli 15:32 13 Jul 2007

If they all posted even just one thread each, you would have rather a lot of reading to do.....

  Forum Editor 23:18 13 Jul 2007

is that we have culled the database in the past, to remove old threads. Lots of stuff you may have posted over the years has gone to that great forum in the sky.

  Simsy 07:20 14 Jul 2007

In the subtitle of the "My postings" page;

"Savour every posting you've ever made in our forums, they're all here for you to peruse at your leisure."

Regards, lightheartedly,


  babybell 09:54 16 Jul 2007

Yeah, isn't that known as false advertising?


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