Who's clock is the slowest?

  Liteman 10:22 03 Aug 2010

For my sins I help to organise an international photo exhibition each year. We have a closing date for entries, but as we receive entries from across the globe I have been hauled over the coals for operating the cut off clock at midnight UK time on the closing date. So that I can be fair to all, does anyone know the last country to reach midnight on the same date as the UK?

  Grey Goo 10:28 03 Aug 2010

Is that GMT

  Liteman 10:31 03 Aug 2010

I assume so, it's 19 March

  mr simon 10:34 03 Aug 2010

A standard globe should show the international date line, why not use that as a reference?

  Grey Goo 10:35 03 Aug 2010

Probably somewhere like Hawaii

  Bingalau 11:04 03 Aug 2010

Why don't you just state in the rules that the cut off time will be "Greenwich Mean Time"?

  Liteman 11:15 03 Aug 2010

Tried that one but you'd be surprised how many people get p*ssy when we suggest that; quite a few people email to say that it might be midnight in UK but it isn't where they're living - hence the desire to try and get it right and fair for all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:22 03 Aug 2010

If they are unable to work out what 2359GMT corresponds to in their time then I would be writing to them and suggesting that the mechanics of depressing a shutter button would be too far out of their range of brain power.


  Woolwell 11:27 03 Aug 2010

Probably Samoa see click here
But the Fijiians could argue that the Samoans have had an extra 24 hours to get their entries in. The fairest must be midnight GMT.

  Liteman 11:37 03 Aug 2010

No they won't, or at least they should't as everyone will have until midnight Samoan time to enter.

Thanks to all for contributions

  babybell 12:45 03 Aug 2010

Even if you set the deadline to midnight on Samoan time, it still means that someone in some country will have longer to enter the competition.

To get the same affect you might as well just add a day to the length of the competition and still keep it as midnight GMT.

If people still can't get it in on time then they don't deserve to win the competition. If anyone kicks up a fuss again just tell them you have added a days "delivery time" or something

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