Whoops, I dropped my handbag!

  Blackhat 23:33 19 Nov 2008

Astronaut drops tool bag during space walk.
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They say it poses no danger but there are thousands of pieces of space debris floating around that costs vast amounts to track, many nations are guilty of creating this space debris, is anyone ever fined for littering?

  wolfie3000 01:40 20 Nov 2008

Its not problem as it will either go into a decaying orbit and burn up in the atmosphere or float off into outer space.

I would say its more of an embarrassment for Nasa,
Its just one of these things, we all have made cock ups at work.

  Quickbeam 08:16 20 Nov 2008

"the tool bag became untethered from a larger kit case and floated away along with a pair of grease guns, wipes and a putty knife."
A putty knife...?

  laurie53 08:50 20 Nov 2008

"A putty knife...?"

Of course.

This mission is to increase the size of the living accommodation, and obviously the new rooms will need windows.

There's no need for double glazing units as the outside noise is minimal.

  Quickbeam 08:53 20 Nov 2008

I had visions of small boys throwing stones at the windows...

  laurie53 20:09 20 Nov 2008

When I worked on flying boats (just give that lamp a swing, someone!) one of the major hazards was dropping tools in the water, for that which you lost you paid for (twice, with a 10% admin charge, there ain't nothing new under the sun.).

One bright spark had the idea of tethering all his tools to his belt.

Worked well until he lost his footing one day and was just about "60 feet, up periscope" by the time he got his belt off!

  interzone55 09:03 21 Nov 2008

May be an urban myth, but I heard that on one of the first space walks a US astronaut droppped a Hassleblad camera and they were made to do an extra orbit to recover them camera...

  Pineman100 14:54 22 Nov 2008

You're doing a bit of DIY, you put the tool down for a moment, and when you go to pick it up again, it's disappeared.

It happens to me all the time.

  Forum Editor 15:03 22 Nov 2008

and I once dropped one in Dover harbour whilst working with an oceanographic survey company. The machine was switched on at the time, and it stayed on as it sank into the murky depths - I watched Windows XP going for a ride to the bottom. Good old Toshiba.

It's down there still, if anyone's interested.

  tullie 15:39 22 Nov 2008

Before anyone goes looking,was it a decent spec?

  laurie53 16:51 22 Nov 2008

"when you go to pick it up again, it's disappeared."

No it hasn't.

It's simply moved to the top of the wardrobe in the spare room that you haven't been in for three weeks!

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