Who'd be English, then?

  newman35 08:10 15 Mar 2009

click here

See how all the good ideas from North of the Border seem to be copied?? (;-0)

  caccy 15:34 15 Mar 2009

This is nothing to do about high levels of alcohol consumption it's yet more TAX revenue.

  beeuuem 15:49 15 Mar 2009

Or it may be that this is no more than one of the myriad headlines that show the government 'is doing something', 'listening' etc., before quietly disappearing into the sunset click here leaving things completely unchanged.

  newman35 16:00 15 Mar 2009

The government minister on Andrew Marr this morning certainly gave the impression that 'even though the Medical Officer was an excellent man etc', the government would ignore it.

  Forum Editor 16:30 15 Mar 2009

I'm not sure what my wife has to do with being childish - we'll leave her out of this, I think.

You may not be old enough to remember, but the same comments (economic ruin, socially spoiled, our youth in permanant apathy) have been made over the years about governments of both colours. In fact, they've been made for hundreds of years.

I am not a supporter of the Labour party, or indeed any other party come to that, but I am a supporter of fair play. The criticisms you level at Tony Blair are levelled at all prime Ministers - it's the nature of politics and of the electorate. When things go well the government gets no credit for it, and when things go badly the government gets the blame. When you become a politician it's something that you have to accept straight away - your party will never be popular in power.

  Forum Editor 17:36 15 Mar 2009

You're confusing me with fourm member.

  DieSse 18:27 15 Mar 2009

"You're confusing me with fourm member."

Apologies - I was a tad surprised at the faulty logic !

  PalaeoBill 18:31 15 Mar 2009

Some people drink too much, cause trouble for others and harm their own health. Lets forget about trying to police the problem and just punish everyone. Another great solution brought to you by the government that helps you to help yourself.
Pardon me whilst I cry with frustration.

  newman35 20:06 15 Mar 2009

Like the 'chocolate' story in Scotland, it's just a medical officer givimg his views.
Chances of Government actually accepting it - NIL.

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