Who'd be English, then?

  newman35 08:10 15 Mar 2009

click here

See how all the good ideas from North of the Border seem to be copied?? (;-0)

  DieSse 08:33 15 Mar 2009

If only it was that simple, then the Scandinavians wouldn't be leaders in alcholism, and the Spanish and Italians would all be drunks.

Plus, prohibition in the USA was a a total failure.

When will the social engineers ever learn? (answer = never).

  JanetO 08:42 15 Mar 2009

So, now they're trying to clear up the mess created by T BLiar and co in turning the UK into an all-night boozing and gambling environment. Alcohol related casualties have risen as a result.

I can't see this being an answer to sobering up our youth.

  Forum Editor 09:07 15 Mar 2009

Please try to spell names correctly, it's really childish to do what you did.

  sunnystaines 09:36 15 Mar 2009

It would not be a problem if society managed it better.

licensed premises enforced no serving to those that had clearly drunk too much.

where drunks that make it out into public areas and cause a disturbance there should be a no tolerance policy where they are arrested and fined heavily by the courts not have them cautioned a few hours later no deterent.

  newman35 10:12 15 Mar 2009

It seems the biggest problem is the 'binge' drinking of the relatively young, and it is also common for many of these to 'fill-up' on cheap supplies before going into towm centre clubs.
If we could remove this option it might help, but how could that ever be done?
The other point is , if the price is compulsorily raised, who gets the increased price? retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or the taxman (ie , ourselves)?
A barrel of problems , if you'll excuse the pun.

  JanetO 10:26 15 Mar 2009

Point taken. But actually it's perfectly healthy to be childish sometimes. Ask your wife.

After spending a lot of my time campaigning to get the Tories out and to get Blair and Labour in power and now seeing how the state of the country lies in economic ruin, socially spoiled, our youth in permanant apathy, perhaps you can understand my distain for the man.

The point I was trying to make is the policies which Blair instigated regarding a permissive attitude to alcohol has encouraged young people to drink themselves senseless. This new initiative will not be enough to repair the damage.

  DieSse 11:17 15 Mar 2009

In East Africa and the Middle East, it is well demonstrated that qat consumption declines at times of year when it is scarce and, therefore, more expensive.

Consumption declines when it's scarce eh? - there's a truism if ever there was one.

Both consumption declining and price increasing are a consequence of scarcity - not as you must be implying (because the point at issue here is consumption versus price, not consumption versus scarcity) as a consequence of price.

It would certainly be true that consumption of alcohol would decline if it became scarce - are you suggesting artificial restriction of availability?

And in any case, are you suggesting that responsible consumption should be penalised simply because there are some who will consume to excess?

As I said, social engineering in cases like this doesn't work.

  newman35 11:40 15 Mar 2009

Agree, any solutions will be difficult and long term - no quick fixes here, I'm afraid.

Perhaps the answer could lie down the road of reduction of alcohol content? Insist all drink is so weak that to get drunk would require gallons to be consumed - only the strong-bladdered to survive. <(;-()

  WhiteTruckMan 11:50 15 Mar 2009

and I'll say it again. I place some of the blame on the licensed trade itself, in their vastly inflated price of soft drinks, especially the kind dispensed from a hand held multi-drink syphon.

If you are young and/or not got a lot of money to spend for a night out, are you going to spend £2.50+ on a pint of imitation coke, or get a couple of pints of lager or a couple of spirits for the same money?


  Stuartli 13:11 15 Mar 2009

The deliberate inverting of the two letters in the ex-PM's surname has been a stock joke for several years, although I accept it's probably not appropriate in this case.

I'm in agreement with fourm member in that my first reaction was that the foolish behaviour of a comparative minority (as in so many other areas) that might escalate to alcohol price rises, would punish the majority of those of us who drink sensibly, enjoy mixing socially and don't attempt to take on the rest of the world after a couple of pints of bitter or Guinness.

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