Who writes this stuff, I wonder?

  Forum Editor 10:18 21 Nov 2015

There's a piece on the BBC website about 'Miss Canada World' being refused permission to enter the Miss World competition in China because she has spoken out about China's human rights abuses.

The item ends with the sentence: "The BBC reached out to Miss World Canada and the Chinese Consulates in Toronto and Ottawa but did not receive a response"

'Reached out' - why didn't they just contact them? I hate these touchy-feely phrases. I'll be watching a TV programme, and hear a woman saying 'I'm with X now'

With him? I thought she was his girlfriend.

Then there's 'He's like, 'do you wanna get summing eat?' and I'm like, 'wha'evaaah'.

God give me strength.

  spuds 11:12 21 Nov 2015

I suppose it all comes down to individual taste, and in this case, the use of English grammar.

Try being in a group of young 'rappers' (white/black), and see if you can understand what they are saying or meaning, unless of cause,you are educated from young on the finest of our cultures.

Personally, I have problems trying to understand text on a mobile phone, and gave up on that, years ago!.

  roy170 11:18 21 Nov 2015

On BBC breakfast the other day they had a guest who if I remember rightly was a cartoonist. He had drawn a cartoon of a presenter on the breakfast time sofa. The presenter said she was

" made up "

Why not pleased with it?

  Aitchbee 11:38 21 Nov 2015

The word 'multiple' has now replaced the old-fashioned 'many' - especially on Radio4 news reports. Why do we have to copy the Yanks?

  Belatucadrus 11:57 21 Nov 2015

My pet hates are

1 " You know wot ah meen ?"

Usually used to punctuate a sentence so incoherent that no I don't know what they mean.

2 " It's a big ask "

Beloved of TV sports pundits, ask is a verb it has no dimensions. One can not have a big ask, a fat head perhaps.

Head wasn't what I typed first, but then I considered the youth and innocence of the other members of this forum and self censored. If you’re wondering, what I typed originally rhymes with ask.

  spuds 12:11 21 Nov 2015

1 " You know wot ah meen ?" = innit

  Fermat's Theorem 13:35 21 Nov 2015

"Close proximity" always makes me cringe. Is there a far proximity?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:48 21 Nov 2015


My 5yr old grandson translates the children's programs (CBBC and CITV) for me while we are watching.

We have asked the children and nieces and nephews to please text and email in old English.


  john bunyan 15:21 21 Nov 2015

Sentences beginning with "So" ,; the word "Like" every other one, the politician's use of "Hard working people " ; on a gravestone "Fell asleep" etc

  Pine Man 15:34 21 Nov 2015

'Lessons have been learnt.'

Or, 'We screwed up and we'll make sure we don't get found out next time.'

  bumpkin 15:41 21 Nov 2015

None of you said Hashtag before the beginning of every sentence, I am starting to think that this is a site for us in the departure lounge:-(

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