Who would you get to fix your PC?

  Totally-braindead 23:22 25 Mar 2007

Read this in the Sunday Mail today click here they loosened a cable inside a laptop and only 1 shop found the fault, two others wanted to charge over £200 and another wanted to reinstall windows.

  woodchip 23:25 25 Mar 2007


  Kate B 23:31 25 Mar 2007

Fortunately I'm pretty good both with hardware and software, and I have a friend who's brilliant with hardware so he's my first port of call - not one of the cowboys highlighted in that piece.

  Totally-braindead 23:31 25 Mar 2007

Well said woodchip. We don't always get it right but its easier on the pocket.

  wolfie3000 02:28 26 Mar 2007

When it comes to my rig only i touch the "guts",
I expect its the same for most people who have experience with pc,s.

But for the general web surfer they might not be brave enough to perform surgery on there machine.

Plus the article says it was a laptop and i for one am not technicaly minded enough to open one up,

How many of you would open up a laptop to fix a problem?

Laptop are completely different from desktops inside,
So i guess many would seek professional help with it.

  Chegs ®™ 03:15 26 Mar 2007

I'm naturally curious,my laptop is ancient so no great loss if I'd broke it but when it was misbehaving I took it apart to see if I could sort it...I did easily as it was just a ribbon cable had come adrift.

  WhiteTruckMan 03:55 26 Mar 2007

but only if I absolutely had to. When I used to work for a large computer company (not I might add as a driver!) part of the training was dismantling/troubleshooting/reassembling laptops. The most valuable thing I learned was not to screw with it if it works ok. I've used and abused in some wierd and wonderfull ways common or garden pc's but wouldnt do it to a laptop as they can be a major pain to sort. And expensive too as a lot of non standard components are used. While the sunday mail story might be disturbing to some I dont especially find it surprising. Were it a desktop system then I would expect my children to fix such a thing. ( I encourage them to fiddle inside their systems. Theres nothing too expensive to replace, and they now do all the upgrades in the house under my supervision.)


  georgemac © 07:20 26 Mar 2007

Same as woodchip - ME and only me - I have never came across a PC I have been unable to fix yet. Hardware or software faults.

I too have never been inside a laptop, but will be this week, as my niece dropped her one and broke the screen, I have a thread in the helproom about it now.

I fix all our friends PC's too, I never charge anything, I like doing it in my spare time. Recently though, a wife's friend gave my name to someone she know's but I don't, anyway I fixed the PC, but I have had the guy on the phone again because he can't get his photos from the camera to the PC, and I don't really want to get involved but am trying to think a way to get out of it diplomatically.

My best mate once thought I was too busy to fix his broken PC (we were doing some renovations) so he put it to the local PC shop - he eventually had to call me as it was not working properly, they had installed a new hard drive, reloaded windows but had not even loaded all the correct drivers for the system, loads of yellow exclamation marks in device manager, and I saw the bill and thought it was way over the top. Not unlike the original post.

Another mate of mine is a plumber (corgi registered) and I fix his PC a bit, and I once had a new gas fire installed completely free of charge in return for all the work I had done for him (I paid for all the materials). They were just about to bin their xp2000 desktop a couple of weeks ago, an old power supply and CD rom drive from my spare parts box in the loft and it is working fine again.

  egapup 08:28 26 Mar 2007

How often is a loose wire a fault??? almost never in my experience.

  laurie53 08:52 26 Mar 2007

Judging by some of the comprehensive replies in Helproom, I think that's how mine would be fixed!


  ventanas 08:57 26 Mar 2007

Have always sorted out my own , whether its the laptop or desktop. I have full engineers manuals for both, and know my way around them fully.

But not everyone is able to do this. I feel sorry for those in the hands of some of these cowboys.

A couple of weeks ago my wife shared a cup of coffee with her laptop. As it would be a few days before I could look at it she asked if she could take it to a local repair shop for a diagnosis. I agreed and she went to the shop who took one look at it and uttered "Ooosh Dell, Not good aren't those." She conveyed this to me by mobile phone, and I instructed that she remove it from the shop immediately. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the make, it had suffered accidental damage. I'll bet if it had been an Advent or something else the response would be the same. They see a woman, and think they can make excuses to charge more with this sort of attitude.

I rang the shop and challenged this, but got hold of some moron who knowledge of grammar was so sadly lacking it was impossible to hold any sort of discourse. I just decided to drop it.

The laptop by the way was finished, so I bought a new one - another Dell. I've got more than 30 here at the office, and I don't see anything wrong with them.

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