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Who will you blame for a no-deal Brexit?

  Quickbeam 17:47 23 Jul 2018

Hunt seems convinced that we'll all blame the EU.

Personally I'll lay the blame at the feet of weak government and wobbly opposition...

I think that there would be no doubt that in that scenario, the present government would certainly be the fall guy at the next election.

  Forum Editor 12:55 24 Jul 2018

"There is only one person that we can blame and that of course is David Cameron."

Really, how do you work out that can we blame David Cameron if we end up with a no-deal Brexit? He didn't decide we should leave the EU, we did. All Cameron did was offer us the opportunity to express a preference - in or out. We expressed our preference in a referendum, and we are now in the process of translating our decision into action - we will leave the EU next Spring.

Blame David Cameron for all kinds of things - he certainly wasn't my cup of tea either - but don't try to pin the blame on him for something that we decided.

  Govan1x 13:22 24 Jul 2018

The only reason he gave us or promised us a vote was for him to stay in power. If labour had given the same promise they would probably have won the election.

Now that was the reason for the vote + of course he thought the voters would have voted to stay.

If you thought otherwise that of course the way you see it. I see it the way I said it. The man was a chancer and he took one chance to many.

And yes I blame him for the Brexit fiasco we are in now.

  Pine Man 13:28 24 Jul 2018

how do you work out that can we blame David Cameron if we end up with a no-deal Brexit

Very simply, in that if he hadn't decided on a referendum there wouldn't have been a Brexit of any sort. He did, and both leave and remain were fed misleading information, which is now, possibly, leading to a no-deal Brexit.

  john bunyan 13:56 24 Jul 2018

David Cameron did not , himself, decide on a referendum. It was in the Tory manifesto, in there by influence from the Jingoistic group like Boris, Redood, IDS and Rees Mogg, all extremists to the right and obsessively anti EU. Also , at the time UKIP and Farage were of a similar view. As it was in the Manifesto, Cameron had little choice in the matter. Don’t blame him, blame the far right people above. He tried, and failed, to get concessions from the EU but they gave nothing, particularly on immigration, and resigned, I thought, fairly honorably over it. Blame the extremists and the EU , but not him as he implemented the manifesto.

  Govan1x 14:52 24 Jul 2018

Simple question JB if they had not offered a referendum who do you think would have won the election.

I would like to think that labour were not committed to a referendum as they probably knew what the outcome would be.

He got away with the Scotland referendum and thought he could do the same thing again.

But the voters in the Uk were ready for him and ignored all his scare tactics.

Just say for instance that Scotland had won their referendum and the UK had voted for brexit. The damage to this country would have been staggering.

The man did not care what happened to the country as long as he was still in charge.

[The damage to this country would have been staggering.]

I suppose it still could be.

  john bunyan 15:34 24 Jul 2018

Parliament as a whole voted to have a referendum. Cameron was pushed by the extremists and had no choice once the referendum was in the manifesto. Momentum group in Labour Party were secretly in favour as inside the EU , Nationalisation is disallowed- this is a reason that Labour and the Tories are so split on this issue.

  Quickbeam 15:58 24 Jul 2018

"I suppose it still could be." Well there's an understatement!

  bumpkin 20:55 24 Jul 2018

We as a Nation voted to leave. If it does not work out as we wished why do we always try to find somebody else to blame.

  Aitchbee 22:23 24 Jul 2018

Mrs May is now officially in total charge of UK's Brexit strategy.

click here

  Forum Editor 22:56 24 Jul 2018

"Very simply, in that if he hadn't decided on a referendum there wouldn't have been a Brexit of any sort."

And if the sun didn't shine so brightly nobody would get sunburn.

I don't think I can remember reading such a ridiculous rationale in my life - that if we get a no deal Brexit it will be David Cameron's fault, because he offered us all a referendum on a subject that he knew was a bone of contention with the population. He was absolutely right as it turned out, so many of us wanted to leave the EU that in the referendum vote they outnumbered those who wanted to stay.

Some people are so desperate to lash out because the vote didn't go their way that they want to blame almost anyone for what millions of their fellow citizens decided.

If we get a no-deal Brexit it will not be the fault of any individual, or even any group of individuals, it will be what we have to deal with. Wasting time and energy constantly droning on about who is to blame is absolutely pointless - it will achieve nothing. There's far more to life than running a blame agenda.

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