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Who will you blame for a no-deal Brexit?

  Quickbeam 17:47 23 Jul 2018

Hunt seems convinced that we'll all blame the EU.

Personally I'll lay the blame at the feet of weak government and wobbly opposition...

I think that there would be no doubt that in that scenario, the present government would certainly be the fall guy at the next election.

  Forum Editor 22:34 23 Jul 2018

"Personally I'll lay the blame at the feet of weak government...."

As will a lot of other people who find it easy to do that when they don't have much of an idea about the difficulties faced by the negotiators (on both sides).

People who voted remain will claim that they knew best of course, but they haven't a shred of evidence to support the idea that they knew better than anyone else. In any case, it isn't about who knew best, the referendum was about what the nation wanted. We all had the chance to vote, and we voted to leave. We will leave, and I'm quite sure that there will be millions more words written about what should or should not happen afterwards.

Remainers will go on claiming they were right forever and a day, and Brexiteers will do the same. Meanwhile, all of us, of whatever persuasion, will have to get on with life.

I confess I smile when i see people saying who they'll blame, as if that's what should happen - we must have someone to blame other than ourselves. Human nature comes to the fore, as it always does.

  Govan1x 23:34 23 Jul 2018

The whole sticking point is the irish border problem. The uk has tried a few ideas with EU but they don't want to know.

So maybe time they suggested a possible solution as it is them that will decide whether we have a hard brexit or not if they cant come up with a solution.

As it is most think a hard Brexit is better than a bad Brexit.It is not ideal but looks like that will probably happen.

Now a spokesman not sure who from the EU says we have to fix the irish border problem and the Gibraltar one. Whats the problem they have with Gibraltar.

  LastChip 01:11 24 Jul 2018

Crash out? Brilliant result!

We'd save £39b immediately (no divorce payment) and over years to come, countless billions more.

What the remainers can't get through their heads, is the EU is a protection racket that costs every person in this country money every year. It's bureaucracy makes our Civil Service look like play school. No wonder it costs a fortune to run. That's apart from the cost of complying with EU regulations and laws, that come out by the bucket load.

I bought an item on ebay recently that was said to be located in the UK. When it came, it was delivered from Germany (on time - so no complaint) but the label on it said "Made in China". The last time I looked, China was not part of the EU and Germany did not form part of the UK. So apart from the seller telling an untruth, it proves goods still move around the world, whether in a protection racket or not, without hindrance.

Yes, companies will bang the table and shout and scream (just as they did when we rejected the Euro), but life will go on. Some will decide the UK is not for them, but there's no guarantees they would stay anyway. Companies are fickle. They'll go where they think they can make the most money - it's that simple. But companies with skilled work forces will have a much harder job, moving.

BAE is often sited as being a potential looser, but you can't just move a factory with a highly skilled work force and be up and running in a few weeks. It's not going to happen. There's a worldwide shortage of skilled engineers and BAE/Airbus are not exempt from that and they know it.

  Quickbeam 05:52 24 Jul 2018

Spain is the problem with Gibraltar, they can't wait to close the land border and hold us to ransom.

  Quickbeam 05:57 24 Jul 2018

'The sooner the better asap'

Good way to ensure sour trading relations with the nearest trading bloc for a generation, that's half the working lifetime of this years school leavers.

  Quickbeam 05:59 24 Jul 2018

It was but a simple question, but it wasn't me that dragged it back to the old splits!

  BT 08:11 24 Jul 2018 proves goods still move around the world..

I noticed on my jar of Tesco own brand Ghurkins yesterday that they are made in INDIA. They weren't available online this week so I bought the substitute product which was made in Poland. Now I thought that Poland was well known for Ghurkins and the like so regardless of EU regulations and restrictions we seem to be able to buy stuff from wherever in the world we want to. On a cost note Tesco (non EU) Product £1 a jar, Polish (EU) product £1.65 a jar.

  Govan1x 11:23 24 Jul 2018

[Who will you blame for a no-deal Brexit?]

There is only one person that we can blame and that of course is David Cameron.

He had to be the worst prime minister ever.

Now we are all left to patch up his mistake and the problem is there are more idiots like him in the Tory party just now.

i would probably say the prime Minister is doing a fairly good job considering that she is not just fighting the Labour Party she is also fighting those from within her own party.

She is getting on with the job as best as she can but not sure if it is good enough. I do hope she does not cave in to the Labour party demands and sees Brexit through to the end.

  wee eddie 12:09 24 Jul 2018

If TM calls a General Election and Labour wins.

Jeremy Corbin has also said that he will follow the decision of the Referendum, although his part is, more or less, evenly split as well.

  wee eddie 12:10 24 Jul 2018

for "part", at the end of the second line, please read "party"

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