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Who will you blame for a no-deal Brexit?

  Quickbeam 17:47 23 Jul 2018

Hunt seems convinced that we'll all blame the EU.

Personally I'll lay the blame at the feet of weak government and wobbly opposition...

I think that there would be no doubt that in that scenario, the present government would certainly be the fall guy at the next election.

  Aitchbee 19:27 04 Dec 2018

QB, the current betting [continued].


  wee eddie 20:00 04 Dec 2018

It seems to me that Michel Barnier has achieved what he was instructed to do.

The options are so mixed up that there is every likelihood that we shall decide not to leave

  wee eddie 20:06 04 Dec 2018

p.s. The reason I voted to leave is that my Pension relies on the UK's prosperity over the next 25 years.

The current situation within Europe goes from bad to worse. Greece is a basket case, as are Spain and Italy. Angela Merkle is about to lose power in Germany and France is moving strongly to the Right.

Within 10 years, most of Europe will be in a state of near collapse

  Quickbeam 20:35 04 Dec 2018

And now the man that started the ball rolling quits UKIP!

I'm feeling quite dizzy over the turn events since breakfast today, what turmoil will tomorrow bring I wonder...?

  Quickbeam 20:45 04 Dec 2018

"Within 10 years, most of Europe will be in a state of near collapse"

I don't go with that at all, that's just Brexiteerist wishful thinking.

Should our Brexit prove to be hugely successful I would expect that internal EU reform following our model will follow that will strengthen them further making them seem an attractive proposition for us to rejoin.

Should Brexit prove to have been disastrous, they will have changed nothing and wait for our A49 form to be returned. Prodigal son and all that!

  Forum Editor 22:36 04 Dec 2018

"What I was trying to get across, in, possibly, a somewhat convoluted way, is that it always seems to appear that if an 'expert' supports a persons view on Brexit he's correct but if he has a contrary view his argument isn't considered valid."

Surely that's how everyone thinks - it's what debate is about. Mark carney is a committed remainer, and he has consistently voiced warnings about all kinds of economic disasters if we leave the EU.

His latest doom and gloom forecasts have been perfectly timed to undermine public confidence at a time of political turmoil - you don't have to be an Einstein to realise that.

The fact is, he knows no more about what investors will do than you or I - he isn't clairvoyant. His opinions are just that, although there's no denying that he has access to all kinds of economic forecasters.

We are in a state of great upheaval, and the vote on the Prime Minister's Brexit plan is going to have monumental consequences, whichever way it goes. None of us can do any more than sit and watch our elected representatives perform in the Commons - that's democracy at work.

In a couple of years time we'll all be talking about something different.

  wee eddie 22:52 04 Dec 2018

FE: Aye, the departure of Greece, Italy & Spain

  Quickbeam 06:26 05 Dec 2018

"In a couple of years time we'll all be talking about something different."

Hmmm... I wouldn't put any money on that. I think there's at least a decade to run with the Brexit topic!

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