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Who will you blame for a no-deal Brexit?

  Quickbeam 17:47 23 Jul 2018

Hunt seems convinced that we'll all blame the EU.

Personally I'll lay the blame at the feet of weak government and wobbly opposition...

I think that there would be no doubt that in that scenario, the present government would certainly be the fall guy at the next election.

  wee eddie 12:25 30 Nov 2018

Our Political System is confrontational, we have to live with it

  BT 12:34 30 Nov 2018

Perhaps its time we found a way to vet prospective politicians before we allowed them to stand for Parliament.

Perhaps its also time that MPs started representing the people who put them there not just as a vehicle for their own personal agendas.

  Quickbeam 17:17 30 Nov 2018

"Our Political System is confrontational, we have to live with it"

Only until we get the chance to change it!

The Tory/LibDem coalition got us a referendum on PR in 2011, but it wasn't pushed hard enough, or explained convincingly enough.

Now should the big two screw Brexit up and get an unintended dump out Brexit in the belief that it couldn't happen, we might swing straight into LibDem majority government as we blame the big two for a cock up of monumental proportion. As PR with the single transferable vote would be on their manifesto, we would then have Parliament changed from adversarial to consultational pretty quickly.

That scenario would make the whole Brexit debacle worth all the grief!

  Quickbeam 17:20 30 Nov 2018

And then their next big policy party piece would be to inflict the Article 49 referendum on us...

  john bunyan 18:48 30 Nov 2018

Brexit has succeeded in uniting the EU 27 and totally dividing the U.K. politics trumps economics , a point missed by the extremists. This is a time to put our petty squabbles behind and get on with the deal on the table. It is pie in the sky to suggest renegotiating and a No Deal would be a disaster. Even former Remain folk like me think a second referendum would be wrong.

  bumpkin 19:08 30 Nov 2018


  LastChip 21:10 30 Nov 2018

"......and a No Deal would be a disaster."

You don't know that john bunyan, any more than I can say it would be a success.

And that's the trouble with pundits and politicians. They all spout a load of rubbish as though they know the outcome. Either way, no one does. At best, it's a wild guess.

What I am convinced of, is the present deal as presented, is worse than staying in and like a number of other leavers, it's come to something for me to say that. It's paramount to conceding our sovereignty totally with no way out other than agreement by the EU. We pay £39b to the EU on a vague promise that we may get a trade deal, with requires every one of the remaining 27 countries to agree to. There's vague talk about taking back control of our fisheries, but Macron is not going to agree to that without signifiant rights for the French and the Spanish holding us over a barrel over Gibraltar.

I can't imagine what Mrs May was thinking when she agreed to this and is still insisting it's a good deal. What planet is she on?

  HondaMan 22:17 30 Nov 2018

The EU!

  john bunyan 10:33 01 Dec 2018

Last Chip

I don’t want to get into reworking old matters. Leave won and I accept it. However just a couple of points on a “Crash out”. 1. What about the NI border? We have promised no physical border. 2. A queue of lorries will clog the M 20 as even a short customs stop would be huge. 3. Most of the £39 billion is legally due with or without a crash out as it covers pensions and contracts which we have signed so as a nation with an over 85% of GDP national debt we would risk our credit rating if we reneged on contracts. 4. Recent figures show that even on non EU immigration we have failed to control numbers over many years so the myth of control of borders may be technically correct but unlikely to be enforced.5.The Bank of England Governor is surely a credible witness for the possible chaos?

I just wish I could go somewhere like the Arctic Survey , out of touch until next April while the politicians fight like ferrets in a sack!

  LastChip 10:34 01 Dec 2018

There is no renegotiation later; it's a fallacy. And that's the bit that gives away our control in total.

The only negotiation is on the future trade deal, with no guarantees on anything.

If MP's or anyone else thinks they are going to renegotiate our terms of leaving, they're in cloud cuckoo land.

It is (in my opinion) a diabolically bad deal.

Mrs May said, "no deal is better than a bad deal", well let's see that implemented instead of trying to push through something that no one wants.

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