Who thinks I'm wrong

  Forum Editor 23:57 09 Nov 2009

to insist that we don't mention the Winter Festival word in the forum before 25th November?

My wife says I remind her of one of the angry old men on TV, and she smiles when I get tetchy if an ad with the dreaded word in it appears at the end of October.

In the interests of the due democratic process I thought I would ask your opinion - what do you think, should I shut up and allow a free-for-all in terms of threads about the holly and ivy season, or should I stick to my stubborn guns and maintain the ban?

All votes will be scrupulously scrutinised by our team of scrutinisers, and in the true tradition of referenda I promise to abide by the majority vote, as long as it goes my way.

  wolfie3000 00:02 10 Nov 2009

I think it should be allowed to be talked about,
Although i hate Christmas and never celebrate it, i am a firm believer in freedom of speech so we should be allowed to talk about it.

If you had a personal hatred of any other religious festivals would you ban people from talking about them?

  Snec 00:02 10 Nov 2009

I agree with you FE. Anything to make you happy, that's me.

  rdave13 00:09 10 Nov 2009

I think you're absolutely correct in your decision to democratically vote that we all go your way.

  Forum Editor 00:20 10 Nov 2009

I don't have a personal hatred for it, exactly the opposite in fact. It's why I don't like talking about it months in advance; I like to reserve it as a special time.

That isn't said from any religious point of view - I'm an atheist - but I believe it's an opportunity to have a time of the year which is set aside for peace and quiet, and a chance to reflect on the pleasures of family life, etc., etc. If I had my way the shops would all be closed for a few days, and everyone could let the credit card cool down.

As for freedom of speech, isn't that what this thread is all about?

  wolfie3000 00:30 10 Nov 2009

Im sorry FE if i misunderstood your reasons.

  cycoze 00:34 10 Nov 2009

I had a moan a couple of weeks ago about hearing Christmas songs in shops toward the end of October, some of the songs I like, but I will be fed up of hearing them long before Christmas arrives.

So, here is one Grumpy old man quite happy to have less Christmas until a week or so before the day.

  Forum Editor 00:50 10 Nov 2009

I thought perhaps you had. No apology necessary.

  mr simon 00:56 10 Nov 2009

I can understand not wanting to talk about it months in advance, but to set a date where it suddenly becomes acceptable to even utter the word is over doing it I think.

Would the forums be overrun with Christmas threads? I can't see it happening.

  Condom 03:11 10 Nov 2009

I mentioned the dreaded word in a post 6 weeks ago and nobody noticed. Live and let live. Now where did I hide those easter eggs?

  beeuuem 05:23 10 Nov 2009

I'm with FE on this one. It's bad enough with the TV adverts 'order now for ********* delivery.
As an aside my sister who, as a nun, is religious, noted that 'last week Somerfield had Coop mini Yule-logs 'best before Nov 1st' and also mince pies 'best before Nov 29'.

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