Who stays up late at night?

  Forum Editor 23:58 22 Oct 2011

Browsing the forum areas late at night, I'm aware that most people seem to have gone to bed, or perhaps they're just doing something else at that time.

In years gone by we had what - for want of a better description - I used to refer to as 'the night crew'. They were the regulars who took part in discussions that often went on into the early hours. We had some interesting debates at night, and whether it was due to the lateness of the hour, or perhaps a nightcap or two, they were mostly good-natured and friendly.

I tend to be here until midnight most evenings - sometimes a little later - because some of the work I do involves on-line collaboration across times zones. I just wondered if anyone keeps me company without my knowing?

  cycoze 00:03 23 Oct 2011

I am normally up until 2am, sometimes a bit later, I find it a nice quiet time to get some computer work done, as well as having a browse here and a couple of other sites.

Will be late tonight as I want to keep popping out to look for the Orionids.

  lotvic 00:08 23 Oct 2011

I vary. Usually up till around midnight, but if can't get to sleep I come back to have a browse.

  rdave13 00:13 23 Oct 2011

We had some interesting debates at night, and whether it was due to the lateness of the hour, or perhaps a nightcap or two, they were mostly good-natured and friendly.

The 'lounge' seemed to have some 'lively' context at times I remember you saying once in a while? Speakers Corner was grudgingly added to the forums? Before my time here but interesting on how a site 'matures'.

Hat off to you.

  Forum Editor 00:39 23 Oct 2011


Mention of 'The Lounge' brings back painful memories as well as some good ones. We reluctantly decided to close it down when a small number of people repeatedly spoiled things for everyone else. They were difficult times, and best forgotten, I think. The forum had a life of its own before The Lounge, and it has one now of course.

Speakers Corner came into being by popular request - I wouldn't be stretching it if I said that I was inundated with emails asking for a new general discussion area. We decided to try again, this time with a much stricter content editorial policy, and things seem to have worked out pretty well since then.

I miss the late-night discussions however, and as - like cycoze - I'm staying up on a Saturday night to watch for meteorites I thought I would try to find out who else patrols the site at this kind of hour.

  rdave13 00:55 23 Oct 2011

No chance of seeing the meteorites in north Wales tonight, too cloudy, unfortunately.

  morddwyd 07:52 23 Oct 2011

Don't normally hit the forums much after ten unless I'm having a bad night.

Even then the forum is usually so quiet, as already commented, that I rarely post in the small hours.

  Kevscar1 09:30 23 Oct 2011

There seem to be a lot less new posts over the last few months which is why I only look in once or twice a day now. it seems to be the same on all the forums I visit, timeshare and RSD ones mostly.

  birdface 10:28 23 Oct 2011

Maybe stay up late in the summer time but normally in bed by midnight on the cold nights.

Mind you sometimes on about 3-4am when I cannot get back to sleep.

  Snec 12:07 23 Oct 2011

I'm often engaged in online poker tournaments that last between 9 to 11 hours (one lasted over 17hrs) with 5 minute intervals every hour so I often pop in for a look throughout the night.

During my teens my father used to say I was putting enough sleep into stock to last me a lifetime. Seems he was right.

  Forum Editor 13:26 23 Oct 2011

"I'm often engaged in online poker tournaments"

I know of a young woman who makes a tidy living from playing Poker online. Not directly relevant to my thread title, I know, but an interesting insight into the way that the internet has changed our world.

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