Who remembers the humble pager?

  oresome 09:13 09 Sep 2017

Apparently the NHS still use 10% of the world's pagers at a cost of over 6 million pounds every year.

It brings back memories as I once had a close association with servicing both the pager and a provider's nationwide infrastructure and also carried a pager myself.


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  john bunyan 09:45 09 Sep 2017

I thought that Special Forces and others who are liable for immediate recall still use them? (More reliable than I phones etc)

  Southern born 11:18 09 Sep 2017

john bunyan

The RNLI do so I would assume that the SF would as well.


  Cymro. 11:41 09 Sep 2017

Perhaps it goes to show how we should not jump on the bandwagon of the latest technology all the time.

  oresome 15:33 09 Sep 2017

I installed an early pager system for the RNLI at Filey, North Yorkshire in the early 80s.

All when well for the first few days and then the pagers started failing. The pagers initially had a NiCad battery that required 16 hrs for a full charge and they simply never received this amount of charge as the crew naturally carried them on their person for around 16 hrs per day and so they eventually ran flat.

  Forum Editor 23:18 09 Sep 2017

I had one, back in the mists of time. It was reliable, and served its purpose.

  morddwyd 09:19 10 Sep 2017

Had one back in 84.

I remember 4 sevens were an absolute and total "drop everythinG " emergency (actually had one once - terrorist attack on a nuclear facility!)

  oresome 09:45 10 Sep 2017

Didn't RNLI crew members have a spare set of batteries so one could be charging whilst the other was in use?

The dedicated charger only accepted the pager with the batteries in situ.

The problem was resolved by using a non-rechargeable battery that gave 30 days use.

These early pagers used a two tone calling system. They had no display and simply bleeped to alert the user. They could of course be called individually, but in this application they received a group call alerting all pagers.

I don't recall this system being rolled out nationwide. They were probably evaluating competing systems and it lost out.

  octal 10:44 10 Sep 2017

Nothing wrong with pagers, they still use them in the hospital where I work, they are less intrusive than a mobile phone, you can call the person back at your convenience, particularly if you are in patient areas.

  qwbos 23:59 12 Sep 2017

The problem with pagers is they're old, so no matter how suited they may be to a particular application, the prevailing attitude will be that if they're old they're useless.

Yet we still use wheels.

  Menzie 00:32 13 Sep 2017

Last time I have seen a pager was at a fancy restaurant where there was an hour wait for a table.

They gave us a pager and told us our table was ready when it beeped.

Haven't really come across them much in my travels.

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