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Who Reads "Soap Opera Weekly"?

  morddwyd 09:35 19 Jan 2016

No, I'm not really interested, the question is rhetorical!

I was browsing in my newsagent the other day and I noticed the was a whole section with stuff like "Inside Soap, Soaps Today, Soap Opera Weekly" and so on.

Do people actually read, let alone pay for, such stuff?

  john bunyan 16:18 20 Jan 2016

Forum Editor

(Also with apologies to mordwydd)

Yes, I had an uncle that took the Mirror . I was 9 in 1946 and started fishing then, and very much in the methodology of the book. I also had a sneaky look at the "Jane" glamour strip of the same era. I found some "hooks to gut" in an old biscuit tin I used to take on fishing trips to the Dorset Stour where I caught my first 2 lb Roach and 6 1/12 lb Chub...Thanks for the Venables story - much of what he wrote is still true and is the basis of my coarse fishing to this day. Although I have tried lake fishing for carp, I am not one of those who enjoys sitting in a tent with electric alarms for days on end - I prefer to roam the banks looking for likely spots. In winter , spinning for Pike is a favourite

  morddwyd 19:19 20 Jan 2016

No apologies necessary!

It was just a light hearted bit of fun anyway.

My own angling experience is limited to spinning for mackerel while monitoring torpedo drops off Falmouth!

  Forum Editor 23:34 20 Jan 2016

"My own angling experience is limited to spinning for mackerel...."

Which is great fun. I spent several happy years holidaying in the Isles of Scilly with friends when I was in my late teens. I have very happy memories of taking a boat out in the early evening, after a baking hot day, and fishing for mackerel. Get amongst a shoal of them and you can catch them with just a little piece of silver foil on the hook - they bite almost as soon as the line is in the water.

We would catch a couple of dozen and take them back to the beach, where we barbecued them and ate them with french bread and sliced tomatoes.

Very happy days.

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