Who is to pay for the cost of the Popes visit?

  Cymro. 12:55 21 May 2010

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To cut a long story short the the BBC story is
"The total bill for the invited visit - without the cost of police and security - is estimated by the Foreign Office to be about £15m. Of this, £7m will come from the Catholic Church, the rest will be shouldered by taxpayers".

So eight million pounds is to come from our pockets. Now as an atheist and someone who detests the Roman Catholic church and all it stands for I resent this very much.

Granted there are many other such things we pay for. Some can be partly justified by the possibility of extra trade with countries that I don`t like doing business with, or perhaps countries that we feel some debt to whether real or imaginary.

Paying for the visit of a man who holds the power of life and death over millions of poor deluded people in places like Africa is wrong. These are places that we send relief to so as to alleviate suffering caused by him and his church. I can see no good reason why we would want him to make a visit here in the first place.

  beeuuem 13:04 21 May 2010

At least the Pope usually only visits once during his papacy. You obviously have strong views on the matter, I don't agree with them but you are perfectly entitled to hold them.

This bill comes in every year, will for the foreseeable future and is rising annually click here

  Cymro. 13:18 21 May 2010

But at least we did vote Tony Blair in as Prime Minister and the cost of protecting retired PMs. is something we have always had to do whether we like it or not. The residents of the Vatican City and the followers of the Catholic faith had no say in making this man who he is.

Just think of some of the evil things he and his kind have and still are responsible for. The millions who die from AIDS, the millions who die from unwanted pregnancies or botched up back street abortions every year. If it was possible to add up the total sum of suffering then he would be at the top.

  ronalddonald 13:59 21 May 2010

let the vatican pay for it or the catholic churches and catholic schools and catholic businesses more tea vicar

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:32 21 May 2010

"So eight million pounds is to come from our pockets. Now as an atheist and someone who detests the Roman Catholic church and all it stands for I resent this very much."

I too am an atheist and feel much the same way.

This is a man who allowed a child a abuser to get away with it. I'm damned if I should pay for him to visit this country.

  Colin 16:34 21 May 2010

I foresee the red padlock on its way!

  ronalddonald 17:27 21 May 2010

lets see now how many types of christian are there, born again, catholic, baptist, the moonies, the saints, the nuns, the friar tuckers, the priests, the vicars and the other type of friar tucks who live silently in monasteries. and theres the ones you dont hear of called cults.

  ronalddonald 17:30 21 May 2010

now if this lot come along with pope would they spend money over here or charge us for them to come long to visit the UK

  zzzz999 19:23 21 May 2010

I am really interested to know how the Pope holds the power of life and death over millions of Africans.

Also, the UK invited the Pope here.

  morddwyd 20:23 21 May 2010

Forget his religion; he's a head of state and entitled to all that entails when he makes a state visit, which this is.

  mr simon 22:42 21 May 2010

The Pope's title is slightly blurrier than that. He is the Sovereign Pontiff of the Vatican, and while that may carry with it certain other privileges, I don't think he is recognised as a Head of State.

Richard Dawkins and Chris Hitchens in particular have been trying to drill this point home, along with the fact that he is not immune to arrest on his visit to the UK. In fact, I believe at one point they were actively threatening to do so, for crimes related to his handling of the recent child abuse scandals, though they may have cooled off this now.

I for one believe that the Pope should be held accountable; no one should be above the law, and were it not for his position then he would have faced a jury by now. It frustrates myself also that we are asked to foot part of the bill for his trip, but life is too short to worry about such matters, and there is always a chance Dawkins will finally get those handcuffs on him that we all know he's itching to do.

Rick'scafe - The reference I think was regarding the fact that the Pope's, and therefore the Catholic, view on contraception is that it spreads the HIV virus, rather than prevents it. This is of course nonsense, but many African countries take his word as law, which is not helping the AID's pandemic.

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