Who needs Springwatch when you've got a window

  Belatucadrus 21:04 13 Jun 2017

Just been out watching the baby rabbit that lives in a woodpile in our garden, not surprisingly it's wary of the fox cub, we've also go a baby squirrel, a young Jackdaw that makes a noise like it's being eviscerated if its parents don't feed it, a couple of Muntjac stags, an enormous crow that may actually be a raven and a couple of days ago saw the first Red Kite fly over the house.

Who needs TV !

  Aitchbee 21:11 13 Jun 2017

Most people don't even look up at the sky, night and day ... it's ever changing and as regular as clockwork.

  bumpkin 21:22 13 Jun 2017

Most people don't even look up at the sky, night and day

Mainly big silver birds where I live but fortunately out off earshot mostly:-)

  Aitchbee 21:36 13 Jun 2017

I consider myself very lucky in that I can view the branches of trees waving hypnotically in the breeze through my bedroom window when I plump my pillow up at a certain angle.

  lotvic 21:55 13 Jun 2017

I consider myself very unlucky to have seagulls nesting on next-doors roof. What a racket and it's not safe to go in garden as they dive down and attack 'protecting' their young-uns that are just out of nest and strutting about on roof. All the smaller birds are scared away. Sunbathing, hanging washing out and gardening in peace at this time of year is a no-no.

  canarieslover 22:10 13 Jun 2017

They are building over S.E. Essex so quickly that there is hardly room for a sparrow to land. When we moved to our village 69 years ago that is exactly what it was, a village. Now we are almost part of metropolitan London without the large green parks that London has. How I long for countryside that surrounded us when we moved here. Thats one of the main reasons that I love fishing, plenty of wildfowl and if I don't catch I don't care.

  Forum Editor 22:24 13 Jun 2017

"Thats one of the main reasons that I love fishing, plenty of wildfowl and if I don't catch I don't care."

Me, too.

  john bunyan 22:57 13 Jun 2017

Me too . Last time I went a kingfisher landed on my rod!

  Quickbeam 06:25 14 Jun 2017

I use the rear bedroom and get the dawn chorus from 03.30 at this time of the year. I consider this area bonus.

Walking or biking I never use the ubiquitous headphones that you see on people, I like to hear to sound of my surroundings.

  Belatucadrus 10:36 14 Jun 2017

It may be callous but I've always seen cyclists with headphones on as prime candidates for a Darwin award.

  Sarah Balfour 06:27 16 Jun 2017

I REALLY miss our local owl. Haven't heard him in months. Never saw him but used to hear him most nights.

Maybe he died of a broken heart, as I never heard a female. He's just another to add to the - ever-growing - list of species no longer seen round here (here being 55N 33W). House sparrows, starlings, bullfinches, chaffinches, chiff-chaffs, all 3 species of woodpecker, goldfinches, greenfinches, swallows, wrens, collard doves - can't even recall when I last saw - or heard - a robin! As I type this, I can hear magpies, blackbirds, great tits, blue tits, woodpigeons, carrion crows, song thrushes, a dunnock - oh and the ubiquitous hum of the M25. Oh and a cat fight (plenty of those round here, perhaps that's why we don't have as many birds anymore).People, please neuter your toms.

The major plus is that we now have red kites back in the Chilterns. ARGH!! Now someone's revving a bike - sometimes, particularly at weekends (and particularly in summer) it's like living next door to Brands Hatch or Silverstone! It's too feckin' early! That's set off the dog a half-dozen doors down and he's now howling! It's a Rottie, and I think he's called Ralf. Extremely over-affectionate, and fantastic with his owners' small grandkids. He's unusual in that he has a tail.

Okay, I'm off to do summat sensible.

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