Who Likes Rock?

  Crosstrainer2 20:55 10 Jun 2011

.....Well these guy's do and I would like your opinons


It won't work


  cycoze 21:03 10 Jun 2011

Is this the band your relative is in, Nephew maybe?

Sonic Altar - In the Night (Official Video)

Very good!

  Crosstrainer2 21:07 10 Jun 2011


Yes, still can't get the links right what do you think? CT

  cycoze 21:13 10 Jun 2011


I can remember a while back you posted about them, they are very good, I would buy a CD.

  Crosstrainer2 22:59 10 Jun 2011

Will be availble on itunes next week.

LTEDS are available form:



  Forum Editor 23:14 10 Jun 2011

They are very good indeed. There was another album called 'No sacrifice' released sometime last year - let's hope theirs doesn't get confused with that one (which wasn't good if I remember rightly).

  cycoze 23:51 10 Jun 2011

A signed LTED would be good :)

  Crosstrainer2 00:15 11 Jun 2011

Forum Editor AKA Peter

It's the same album, we did with Mike over a year ago..Shep? BaaaaH

I have some modest things of my own too.


  Kevscar1 06:07 11 Jun 2011

if they do well they will be able to afford to buy some decent trousers

  Crosstrainer2 07:07 11 Jun 2011

Lev scar

I shall pass that on! I'm sur it will be taken onboard !,,

You may not believe it , but they are all really nice young adults. Kane, ( Lead Singer>) and Tom And Chris (drummer)

Are all really nice people.qualified, and determined they will. I'm afraid that hard rock is not the genre that's flavour of the hits at the moment, but they, shotgun alley, and a few others I could mention work really hard.

I hope they do really well!

  octal 10:31 11 Jun 2011

When I first saw the title I thought, yes, I'm a bit partial to a bit of Southend-On-Sea rock, silly me.

Thanks for posting that link, I'm not normally into Rock, but I did enjoy that.

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