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who the feck does she think she is

  x123 07:33 19 Sep 2015

I refer to, of course, Nicola Sturgeon. What is it that she is shouting her mouth off on things she wants, but Nicola we have a Conservative majority and all your jumping up and down, stamping your feet threatening to leave the union , er only when she thinks she has managed to hoodwink the Scottish.. electorate, cuts no mustard.

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  x123 07:35 19 Sep 2015

For some reason as I was editing the post it published it.

  x123 07:42 19 Sep 2015

What she needs to do as she will not have a Labour partner to prop her up for many years to come, is to declare a total breakaway, UDI, before next years elections and let the people of Scotland decide who they want. This will rid us of this mardy woman who thinks continual nagging will get results.

FE. You wanted posts with a bit of bite. Let the Scots nationals put up their case.

  roy170 08:57 19 Sep 2015

It would appear that no new referendum will come soon as no more people are going over to the yes camp.

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  morddwyd 09:09 19 Sep 2015

Who does she think she is?

She thinks she's someone with a massive mandate to speak on behalf of the people of Scotland. She may be wrong, but that's what she thinks.

"Nicola dear we have a Conservative majority"

Not only is that sexist and patronising, but "we" only have a Conservative majority in England. The rest of the UK voted differently .

Just a reminder I am not a Scot, no axe to grind.

  john bunyan 09:28 19 Sep 2015


I fear you have lit the touchpaper! I shall await the reaction from U, S, and others before participating...

  x123 10:21 19 Sep 2015

At least those leaders of UK Parliamentary parties who have managed to get over 10 seats in the house of commons, have the grace to sit as MP's. She hasn't the courage to try and stand and if elected face a humiliation in the house. She just sends her henchmen.

  john bunyan 10:41 19 Sep 2015

As a Scotophile, I agree, on this occasion with morddwyd and spider9 !! I suspect, from conversations with Scottish friends, that the SNP supporters, like those of Jeremy Corbyn, are the younger, leftist people who have no personal recollection of the '50's - '80's when Nationalisation, CND, strikes and so on were the norm. They let seem to think that by printing money, nationalising things and taxing the "rich" and big corporations, they will redistribute to the poor. Sadly that has been proven not to work, as even China has found.

I see Cameron has said the Scotland Bill will be amended to remove the right to suspend Hollyrood. He says that the Smith report is being implemented, and I have not heard of specific SNP demands that have not been met. If dear Nicola, a talented politician indeed, wants to reduce the "burden of austerity" in Scotland, why does she not raise the local income tax to do so?

I suspect the older folk, and those earning above the national average in Scotland , are still in favour of the Union - even many SNP voters. I really thought that the last referendum was decisive and meant to be for a "generation". To keep raising it is bound to cause unnecessary friction between Scotland (who most of us love) and rUK. I hope that the Scots will calmly analyse the economic arguments and , in the end, work out a way of retaining the Union but with the autonomy they seek.

  spuds 10:41 19 Sep 2015

I also have no axe to grind here, but seeing that this forum consists of a number of sections so that people can participate, perhaps there should be a further additional forum section called Scotland Help, so that it can become an elite part of this forum ;o)

We don't seem to hear much from our Welsh or Irish brethren demands or wantings !.

(All said tongue in cheeks of cause, before the insults start surfacing)

  roy170 10:42 19 Sep 2015


Did you see Alex Salmond on RT television criticising everyone.

click here feck in Irish means a totally different thing. I am sure you have tasted delights of Fecking whiskey.

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  Forum Editor 10:43 19 Sep 2015


"She thinks she's someone with a massive mandate to speak on behalf of the people of Scotland. She may be wrong, but that's what she thinks."

It's worth remembering that the SNP got just over 1.4 million votes in the General election, out of a total population of just under 5.3 million. That hardly qualifies as a 'Massive mandate to speak on behalf of the people of Scotland" when it comes to a referendum about independence, although obviously she has a mandate to govern.

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