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Who fancies trying some software?

  Forum Editor 11:29 11 Jan 2016

We have arranged to try out some software for the company responsible for Partition Wizard, the disk management application.

The deal is that a panel of our forum members gets to try the Professional version and post opinions and comments in threads that I'll start in our beta forum area.

In exchange for running the software and trying out its features, you'll get a free licence for the professional version, which sells for $39.

It should be interesting, and I'm looking for volunteers. I have a limited number of licences, available on a first-come first-served basis so if you're interested please email me at: [email protected] Please don't register your interest by posting in this thread.

I'm posting this in Tech Helproom as well.

  Forum Editor 13:34 11 Jan 2016

Once you have emailed me, I'll send you a download link, and a licence key.

I have my first volunteer.

  Forum Editor 07:35 12 Jan 2016

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered so far. There are still places left for anyone who would like to try this software, and I'll wait for a while before starting the trial to give you time to email me.

  TAFKAF 14:24 15 Jan 2016

Yes please i'm happy to give it a go and it is software I have used in the past.

  Ventad 15:41 15 Jan 2016


email your request to: [email protected]

  Forum Editor 23:01 15 Jan 2016


I have replied to your email.

  Forum Editor 23:04 15 Jan 2016

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered. We could still do with a few more people, so if you fancy giving this a go, do please email me.

I'll wait until after the weekend, and we'll start the ball rolling - I should email you on Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

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