Who is Dr Who aimed at?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:35 07 Apr 2013

I feel sure I might have asked this question before but after watching last nights episode this morning I feel I am still baffled as to what the target audience is for this program.

On a plus side I find the new assistant rather tasty, now if we could just change the doctor and lose some of the surrealism that seems to dominate a lot of the story lines these days I might just get back to liking it again.

  Forum Editor 11:19 07 Apr 2013

It's aimed at, and watched by a very wide audience. My wife loves it, and I sometimes watch it with her. I classify it as 'enjoyable twaddle' - pure entertainment, requiring a large amount of suspense of disbelief.

  lotvic 11:25 07 Apr 2013

It seems to attract all ages for various reasons, I've always been a fan of Dr Who - remember the Darleks exterminate exterminate..

  fourm member 11:31 07 Apr 2013

I think I'm beginning to understand why it was cancelled the last time.

It must be very difficult to come up with plot lines that haven't been done before.

When a writer proposes something, there must be a chorus of 'Series X, episode Y' to show its been done before.

It is still trying to say things that will appeal to adult audiences without putting off younger family members.

Last night's core point about the importance of emotional experience over material wealth was well made but the trouble is the flash bang action surrounding it was tame.

Plus, of course, it is suffering from Hammer Horror syndrome. This is where you have to abandon your core rules to keep having fresh stories. For Hammer, that meant vampires started coming out in the daylight and stakes didn't always work.

Last night, the Tardis translational power had vanished without any mention of what had happened.

  Aitchbee 11:31 07 Apr 2013

When Star Trek appeared on our [TV] screens, my interest in Doctor Who waned ... Patrick Troughton was the best actor to 'play' the rather eccentric superhuman ... and Tom Baker [what a voice!] was good too.

  Cymro. 12:25 07 Apr 2013

I am old enough to remember the first series. Without doubt it was aimed at children. As forum member suggests it gets harder to think up new plots all the time and so the program has got more and more outrages with more adult like story lines.

  Quickbeam 12:33 07 Apr 2013

"vampires started coming out in the daylight and stakes didn't always work."

If the inability for vampires to cross running water also stops working, what's left to keep us safe?

  lotvic 12:42 07 Apr 2013

I don't try to analyse it, I just relax and enjoy the entertainment.

HB, Voyager series was good, and I've been watching some of the repeats.

  fourm member 13:55 07 Apr 2013


There's no problem with just enjoying it at face value. But the question was who is it aimed at and I was pointing out that, like a lot of successful TV and film, it has things to interest a wide range of viewers.

If it had just been a children's programme it wouldn't have been so successful.

  Aitchbee 14:10 07 Apr 2013

It is aimed at people[the paying public] who watch all of the TV crap that is purported to be entertainment ie. Dancing on Ice, x-Factor, Eastenders to name but a few ... the producers of Doctor Who are now pandering to an amorphous cloud of millions TV couch potatoes who beleive all the hype that is spouted from that 'great gig in the sky' or 'elephant in the room' [ie. TELEVISION].

  lotvic 14:25 07 Apr 2013

fm, as I said Today at 11:25AM "It seems to attract all ages for various reasons" Errr, IMHO that means I think it's aimed at a wide audience.

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