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Who decides how your MP votes?

  Forum Editor 13:29 13 Sep 2015

The recent rejection by parliament of the bill to allow the 'Right to Die' set me thinking about how MPs vote.

This wa a 'free vote' allowing MPs to vote according to their conscience, and they voted against the bill by a majority of 212 - a decisive majority by any standard.

Sarah Wootton, the chief executive of Dignity in Dying, said the result was an "outrage". She claims that MPs voted against the views of the majority of the public who supported the bill.

Did they - does the majority of the electorate want some terminaly ill people to be able to end their lives with medical supervision? If that's true, were MPs voting against their constituents' wishes, and if they did, does it matter - it was a free vote, after all.

  morddwyd 09:59 17 Sep 2015

"From John Bunyan's link "3 tablets (900mg) 3-4 times daily as required" however these are not your 'standard' aspirin tablets but "are gastro-resistant to reduce the gastric side-effects of aspirin"."

3 tablets 4 times a day is far too high a dose for the elderly. Speaking personally I take the standard tablets not gastro-resistant ones.

A word of warming, while I take a very large dose, I take it under regular medical supervision and monitoring.

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