Who decides

  Nontek 11:51 07 Jul 2013

Violent prisoner on the run ..

that a person such as this is put into an Open Prison? I am sure we are all aware of similar such 'escapes' of dangerous criminals - I will never understand why!

  spuds 12:28 07 Jul 2013

A whole string of people decide after taking a risk assessment into consideration. When cases go to court, all sorts of information or reports will be gathered on the individual.

I suppose you could say it down to Human Error?.

Perhaps going of subject slightly, before the days of video links, transportation for court appearances were more frequent than what the public were aware about. The higher category the prisoner, the much bigger the risk, and the more security was provided, including armed officer's.

Again going off subject slightly, I recall the early days of contracting-out prisoner transportation. The vehicle being provided in the early days, had insufficient vehicle suspension built into the design. The old hand or 'lags' knew about this, and on occasions used it to their advantage. Nothing like having a driver requesting police action, because their vehicle was becoming far to dangerous to drive. With the result that prisoner's might escape?.

  Nontek 14:01 07 Jul 2013

But why do the 'experts' get it wrong in so many cases? I guess it is the ordinary man-in-the-street who pays the price eventually, with little or no help from authority when things go pear-shaped due to the 'experts' mistakes in making the wrong decisions.

Though of course lessons will be learned ....

  spuds 16:14 07 Jul 2013

"But why do the 'experts' get it wrong in so many cases?"

Again I refer to 'Human Error', nobody is perfect, no matter how expert they or what society think, there will always be casualties one way or another.

And as for "lessons will be learned", personally I am sick to death of hearing that excuse, because lessons in my opinion, never seem to be learned, there always seems to be another error of judgement somewhere.

Its like British Justice, and how some people regard that, yet how many verdicts have been overturned, which as then led into further investigations, usually bringing all sort of findings, that had been missed , or not disclosed previously. I have lost count the amount of times I have attended courts in one capacity or another. And till the day I die, I will still be extremely confused how some verdicts were gained or allowed. But as you say, 'experts' were involved and made the decisions, I was only carrying out a duty and witnessing the after events. Its a very well known saying within the police force "Some you win, some you lose, there's always another day"?.

  Nontek 17:03 07 Jul 2013

My lessons comment was very much tongue-in-cheek, this is always heard after the event - then they say, it is easy to see in retrospect.

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